Project Catwalk Season 2 – “We’re Here To Judge The Outfits, Not The Models”


I totally forgot that season two of Project Catwalk started last night on the Life Network…er, “Slice” as it’s now called.

A quick check on YouTube reveals that it’s actually on there! Yay!!!

You know, I don’t really give a shit if Project Catwalk is a rip-off of Project Runway. I don’t even care that Tim Gunn isn’t in Project Catwalk — when it comes down to it, if you love fashion, then you love this show.

I mean, dare I say it? I actually think Ben De Lisi is a fitting choice as mentor simply because he is a designer…whereas, Tim is not.

That’s not to say I don’t love him, but I think Ben’s great as a mentor, too.

I totally cracked up when he shrieked in that New York accent, “She’s not going to wear a dress with velcro! What is she? A stripper???”

Is it just me or does judge Julien MacDonald seem to have more hair this season? I mean, I could have sworn he had a bit of that male pattern baldness going on last season and I actually felt really bad for him because you could see his hair thinning out all over.

I mean, I don’t think he’d be so tacky as to wear a wig…would he???

I don’t like Kelly Osbourne as the new host. I thought Elizabeth Hurley had a lot more class and style. What does Kelly Osbourne know about fashion? If you’re going to have a host for a show like this, at least choose someone who’s in the business!

She looks like a little kid — totally out of her league here with the hosting duties.

Though…I have to admit she looked adorable, all fresh-faced and with that cute blonde do when she had the designers choose their models.

I kind of miss Elizabeth Hurley’s, “Fashion has no mercy” at the end of each show. Kelly has opted, instead, to say, “You are fashion’s victim.”


The first challenge was pretty interesting: designing an outfit for some socialite (someone I’ve never heard of, seeing as I’m Canadian and it seems like Canadians don’t really have big name socialites…either that, or I’m completely in the dark about stuff like that) using the outfits they wore the night before.

God, she was a bitch, though, when she was making comments.

I’m glad Kelly chastized Julien when she said, “We’re here to judge the outfits, not the models.”

~ by justj on March 5, 2007.

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