Project Catwalk Season 2 – “Yeah, Well, I’ve Actually Made It In This Business”

You know what? Dare I say it? I actually think Project Catwalk is better than Project Runway.

First off? I love the music choices…I mean, I never really notice the music selection when I’m watching Project Runway, but with Project Catwalk, I actually feel like jotting down all the song titles and then mixing a CD based on those songs.

Secondly…the designers on the show are more outspoken — and so is their mentor, Ben De Lisi. Holy crap…I love him! There’s something so wonderfully melodramatic about him.

Actually, everybody on this season seems really melodramatic. Like, what the fuck is up with that Australian chick, Monica, who decided to totally do her own thing and not follow the brief to design a bikini.

One minute, she’s going on and on about how she’s the trendsetter and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks, and the next thing you know, you cut to her sobbing in front of the camera as she talks about how sick she is of certain people.

I loved how Wayne says in that deadpan way of his: “She should just leave — because people are sick of her.”

I just think that most of the designers would have done better if they’d actually listened to their mentor…I mean, the guy has 20 years of experience.

And how can you not love judge Julien MacDonald? When he tells Monica that her ego is as big as her body, I actually winced. It was just so mean…he makes Simon Cowell look nice…but you know what? When Monica got all lippy with him, I loved his smart comeback: “Yes, well, I’ve actually made it in this business.”

~ by justj on March 6, 2007.

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