Project Catwalk Season 2 – “I Hate Every Single Thing About It”

When Ben de Lisi pauses in front of a closet door and says, “Here lies the Aladdin’s cave” and then reveals all these shoes…OMG. I did a little squeal of my own.

If I was there, I would have clasped my hands together and did a little dance.

Ben de Lisi totally cracks me up. He’s so over the top sometimes, the way he was bashing Monica’s choice of accessories by holding both hands up and saying, “It’s crazy! Cray-zeeeeeee!”

I loved how he melodramatically said, “I want this dress to be shit hot!”

I love Ben’s little pep talks. I think he’s a great mentor, actually. And yeah, I’ve said that before.

But what I love most about Project Catwalk is judge Julien McDonald.

I love how plain-speaking he is.

“I do believe this is the worst dress I’ve ever seen on Project Catwalk. I hate every single thing about it. There’s not one thing I like.”

And then later, he goes, “I just can’t believe that designer made something that was just…so…shit, to be honest. I wouldn’t put it on my worst enemy. I loathe it.”

Or: “I’ve got a real problem with this dress. The more I look at it, the more I hate it!”

When another judge raves about a dress, he replies, “But I hate the colour. It looks like its been dragged out of a dirty pond.”

You’d never hear Michael Kors or Nina Garcia talking like that.

Ah, such eloquence! Julien McDonald, I think I love you! I’d never wear any of your clothes, but I still love you anyway.

Thought this blurb from Wikipedia about McDonald was funny:
MacDonald was long considered “tacky” and unequal to the master cutters such as Mcqueen and Galliano. Indeed it is rumoured that his appointment to Givenchy after Mcqueen was greated with screams of hillarity at the Mcqueen studio.

He is not considered an “Artist” unlike Mcqueen and Galliano and makes commercial, non-conceptual fashion. He is often pictured with tacky celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who he recently asked to model for him. His participation in commertial programmes such as Project runway as a judge has been greated with horror from fashion insiders as he is commonly viewed as a designer with too little talent to judge young designers having had his own label and givenchy collections slaughtered by the press.

In February 2007, Macdonald was criticised for the prominent use of fur in his autumn collection, causing further outrage when he claimed that “People who don’t like fur can p*ss off. I love fur. It’s a beautiful natural product from animals.”

I love how catty the show is — especially when host Kelly Osbourne asks the designers, “Who do you think is the worst out of all of you?” Do they do that on Project Runway? I can’t even remember now.

And okay — I read the spoilers and everything, so I know that Luke’s in the final three, but what the fuck was he thinking when he chose purples for a hat and purse that were in a cherise pink?? What a fuckin’ nutter. And he didn’t even buy enough of any one fabric to make a dress! What is he? Stupid?

And again…can I say how much I love the music selection they use? Loved the use of Keane’s “Nothing In My Way” at the end.

Here’s an article from Ryerson’s school paper about the upcoming Canadian version of “Project Runway”. I’ve got to say I’m really excited about it because I don’t think Canadian fashion gets enough support in our country — which is just a bloody shame.

Project Runway Canada scopes out Ryerson
Written by Vanessa Santilli

The fashion school is abuzz with excitement over the prospect that Project Runway Canada could be making its highly-anticipated debut at Ryerson.

Last week, screen tests were shot at Ryerson, professor John Freeman, Co-Chair of the School of Fashion said.
“They interviewed some candidates for the mentor role and shot them interacting with students,” he said.

Project Runway Canada, based on its US-counterpart of the same name, is a network television show that features aspiring fashion designers as they compete for the chance to be named Canada’s next “it” designer.

Administration is currently negotiating with the show about shooting at Ryerson.

“My impression is that the big stumbling block is space,” says Freeman. “They need more space for the runway,” he said.

The other stumbling block is that the grand finale will be shot in October, which Freeman says might conflict with class schedules.

If Ryerson nabs the deal, filming would take place during the summer months, from May 28 to July 19, with the previously mentioned season finale to be shot in October, said Janet Mowat, Ryerson’s manager of public affairs.
Mowat said that having Project Runway Canada shot at Ryerson would be tremendous exposure for the School of Fashion.

“We’re known as the leading School of Fashion in Canada. Having the show filmed here would be a terrific opportunity to showcase it,” she said.

Cindy Chan, a first-year Radio and Television Arts (RTA) student, has been putting up posters promoting Fashion Runway Canada in the Rogers Communications Centre (RCC).

Chan said she is very excited about having the Canadian version of one of her favourite shows filmed on campus.
“It’d be fun to watch because everything would be so familiar to you,” she said.

One of the producers of Project Runway Canada is a graduate of the RTA program.

Freeman said that in addition to the producer’s loyalty to Ryerson, the school is being considered as “there is no other fashion school in Canada with the reputation that Ryerson has.”

~ by justj on April 2, 2007.

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