Project Catwalk Season 2 – “She Looks Like She’s Come Out Of A Cheap Council Estate”

I know.

I’m bad.

I pull up the Youtube videos for Project Catwalk and keep it in a small corner of my computer monitor while I work.

I don’t know why we can get away with watching Youtube at work, but not use MSN Messenger…though, MSN’s kinda boring.

Actually, I find the whole Facebook thing really boring now, too.

One of my friends was like, “Yeah, but you’ve got to message people and then they’ll message you back and that’s what makes it cool.”

Um, yeah. I’d rather just pick up the phone or directly email my friends and suggest a time to meet up rather than leave messages.

But anyways…

In episode five, the designers had to create a whole new look for another designer, which I thought was a really cool assignment. They’ve done the same thing before on Project Runway.

I didn’t like Tyla with her whole, “I can’t, I won’t” attitude. She was paired up with Wayne and what I thought was really rich was when she and Shawla were in the bottom two and she was going on and on about how she doesn’t make excuses like Shawla does, and yet, the next words out of her mouth were about how she’d never done menswear before and that she couldn’t wrap her head around the assignment.

Um…pot, meet kettle.

Ever since catching that episode on Oprah about “The Secret”, I’ve been seeing how it works in the negative. Like, when you keep going, “I can’t, I won’t”, it’s just confirming it, isn’t it? Wasn’t it Henry Ford who once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right.”

It’s sort of like how one of my friends keeps saying, “How come all the crusty old men are always attracted to me?”

I told her, “It’s because you’re always thinking, ‘crusty old men’ and the universe is throwing them your way.”

Julien McDonald highlights for episode 5:
“It looks like a little marshmallow…with a bigger marshmallow on it’s head.”

“Luisa, she looks like she’s walked out of waiting tables at the local Thai restaurant. All she needs is a plate of prawn crackers to complete the look.”

“She looks like she’s just come out of a cheap council estate.”

~ by justj on April 3, 2007.

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