Project Runway Canada – Clothes Off Their Backs


I was so mad when the first episode of Project Runway Canada didn’t fully tape.

But you know what? has the full episode online — minus commercials, which is a bonus, n’est-ce pas?

Okay, first off?

Is Iman wearing a wig or is that a weave? I was staring at the poster on the train the other day and I kept thinking, “That can’t be her real hair…can it?”

I kind of found the slow, deliberate way she spoke to be…well, it was interesting. I’m not a big fan of her catch phrase, though: “You just don’t measure up.”

I liked what Liz Hurley would say at the end of each challenge to the loser: “Fashion has no mercy.”

But, if you put that aside, I think the reason Project Runway works no matter where it’s based or who’s hosting or who’s the mentor (though I totally, totally love Tim Gunn and think he’s got a point when he says in his book, “A Guide To Quality, Taste, & Style” that “make it work” is an enormously useful motto — it can be applied to almost anything.) is because ultimately, it’s a show about creativity.

Liked Brian Bailey as the mentor, though, the pornstache was definitely distracting…and for some really weird reason, I kept thinking he looked like Phillip Seymour Hoffman…not sure why.

I liked the fact that he’d give constructive criticism, but didn’t get too involved the way that Ben De Lisi from Project Catwalk would. There were times in Project Catwalk where it almost seemed like it was becoming more of Ben’s design than the actual designer’s.

He was oddly Yoda-like when he told one of the designers, “Trying is not doing.”

I was a little disappointed that Darin was the one sent home, though I definitely thought his outfit was hideous — the challenge was to take four items of clothing from a competitor’s suitcase and turn it into an outfit that was representative of your own style.

The guy totally cracked me up the way he had to take deep, cleansing breaths when fellow competitor, Carlie, took his Hugo Boss and Armani shirts.

“My clothes are like my children,” he said to the camera.

Later, he’d explain the reason he picked out sweat shirts and pants from competitor, Lincoln’s suitcase:
“I’m not a cuthroat individual. I believe in karma.”

He was surprisingly self-aware — he fully realized that he was probably overly chatty and that some people probably didn’t like it. (Cut to Kendra moaning about how Darin just talks and talks and talks.)

The other designer who was in the bottom two was Stephen — who also cracked me up.

He finds himself roommates with three other women and admits to the camera that he finds himself on his best behaviour. He confesses to needing to fart really badly, but couldn’t and eventually wound up outside on the balcony of the Rosemont, praying that it’d be one of those silent farts.

And okay, so his design was kind of crappy — he turned a bathrobe into this little jacket and paired it with these shorts that I thought were kind of cute — but I hope he sticks around just because of the things he says when he’s confessing to the camera.

I didn’t particularly like Biddell, but he was pretty interesting.

I loved how he was trying to teach his model how to walk “sexy” and then we cut to him telling the camera that when he’s at home, he often likes to walk around naked like a model.

You know, people often say that Canadians are nice, but I think this show’s going to be full of deliciously bitchy moments.

I can’t wait!

~ by justj on October 11, 2007.

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