Project Runway Canada – When It Rains, It Pours

You know who I absolutely, totally cannot stand?

Marie-Genevieve, the winner of last week’s challenge, who, unfortunately, was given immunity for this challenge.

Get this: she has the gall to flippantly shrug her shoulders at the camera and say (of her shit design), “Well, if it’s bad, does it really matter?”

I really wished Iman would just rip her a new one — I mean, I think Marie-Genevieve got the message loud and clear after she giggled like a moron and admitted she was “testing” the judges, and Iman coldly asked, “Excuse me? You were testing us?”

Iman had a point when she said that, in the real world, there’s no such thing as immunity.

You know what I would have done? I would have kicked her out just to teach her a lesson — because anybody with fucking eyes could see that Marie-Genevieve’s cocktail dress was, by far, the worst.

Life’s not fair — that’s a lesson that everybody should know.


The challenge for this episode was to create a cocktail dress out of umbrellas — the catch was that you had to use all of the umbrellas that you took…and this was something that only Lucian seemed to figure out.

Poor Lincoln — I really didn’t think his dress was all that horrible.

I still think that Marie-Genevieve should have been sent packing — immunity or no immunity, I just couldn’t stand the arrogance…and you know what else? I just don’t care for that “I’m so kooky and artistic” shit that she pulls.

~ by justj on October 18, 2007.

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