Project Runway Canada – Thrill of the Hunt

First off — fuck Metro for letting it slip who’s leaving the show in tonight’s episode.

As usual, this illustrates the greatest weakness of Metro — sloppy editing.

A good editor — and publisher — wouldn’t allow that sort of mistake to crop up. I mean, for the longest time, I’ve had a problem with the fact that the sole reason one of their entertainment writers seemed to have been hired must have been because she’s related to someone or is the daughter of a friend of someone of the publisher’s. I just can’t fathom why a publisher would hire someone who has absolutely no discernable writing talent onto their staff — even if it’s just to write a TV column.

Sure, Metro is a free paper, but that doesn’t mean it can slide past with shit quality in writing and editing.

That aside…I’m not sure what’s been up with because watching the fourth episode online has been a total bitch.

The various segments would play out in spurts — freezing every now and again.

Finally got to watch it today — and you know what one of my biggest gripes about Project Runway Canada is? Iman pulls rank way too often.

I couldn’t help raising my eyebrow when she flat out told judge Shawn Hewson that he was “wrong, wrong, wrong” for saying that Stephen’s design was interesting.

Isn’t that a matter of opinion? And why does Iman’s opinion seem to outweigh everyone else’s? Sure, she was a supermodel back in the day, but anyone who’s been watching the show has also seen the ugly ass dress and the limp way her hair’s been “styled” in the upcoming episode tonight. As great as she usually looks, that one clip alone sort of makes you think, “Seriously? You’re going to tell me that I’m wrong for thinking something looks nice?”

I think they made the right decision in letting Michael go, but I don’t really get why they’re always on Stephen’s back. He’s not a bad designer. And okay, maybe a part of me simply likes him ’cause he’s so damn quotable.

The challenge was to create a spring line to showcase at Winner’s.

Okay — I know some people swear by Winner’s, but to me, it’s always been pretty hit-or-miss at that place…but mostly miss.

When you tout bargins and deals, I don’t automatically think “Winner’s.”

Depending on which Winner’s you go to, sometimes, you’ll find more junk than designer wear.

All of the teams got some measure of flack for not being creative enough or pushing the envelope enough…but you know what? Winner’s, to me, has never been about cutting edge or creativity. They claim to have bargin bin prices for designer clothes…which I don’t really see much of — in either instance.

~ by justj on November 6, 2007.

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