Project Runway Canada – Dressing The Diva

According to the Oxford dictionary:



noun a celebrated female opera singer.

— ORIGIN Latin, ‘goddess’.

Is it just me, or does “diva” give you a sense of someone who thinks she’s got a right to be demanding and bitchy just because she’s a star?

So, this week, MG got the boot when she didn’t listen to opera star, Measha Brueggergosman’s wishes for a gown that would cover her bare feet when she performs.

And yes, MG deserved to get the boot…but Brueggergosman was…hmmm…how should I put it?

She seems like one of those people who’s only nice to you if you’re somebody. Otherwise, you’re basically a nobody. That’s just my opinion based on what I was seeing on this week’s episode…I mean, we all know that, with some editing, you can cobble together almost anything to make anybody seem like a bitch.

Yes, I can understand why she was probably pissed off when Carlie designed a gown that wouldn’t have been particularly flattering for her and then chose to address Iman, instead, and said she would love to design a dress for her.

Okay, yes. I would have been pissed off, too…but being a stereotypical Asian, I would have fumed inwardly and said nothing out loud.

Interestingly, this is what Carlie had to say in her blog:

For this challenge we had to design an evening gown for Measha Brueggergosman, an opera singer. I was very excited about this challenge because evening wear is my specialty. We met with her and I designed a dress that I felt met her standards (and more), but she obviously hated it and in her words “would never wear that dress.” To think I spent all that effort making her a dress that looked so amazing on stage, that I hand-beaded and hand-finished, just to be humilated on national television.
Apparently, I of all people should understand her body type, despite the fact that I would never wear a backless gown and she said that she would. I thought that she was more adventurous with her performance clothing and I didn’t want to hide her. I listened to the brief and executed it accordingly. The dress was good from all angles, the inside was supported, the skirt was full, the waist was defined and neckline was dropped and embellished.What more does she want? In no way did I design a dress without thinking of her. My dress was flawless and maybe she has back fat, but in the real world I’d tailor that dress to fit.

At the end of the day, Iman, Sean and Rita all liked my dress and could see that it was tailored to perfection and hand-finished. The workmanship was executed flawlessly and was completely cut on bias.Not everyone can do this *** and I’m glad at least they recognized. They are the judges that know my work and have seen my work for the past five challenges and know what I am capable of doing. I care only about their opinion and not of Ms. Thing; I even told Iman as I left the stage that I would be happy to make her a dress. And don’t get me started on the winning design. We all can see we are living in the twilight zone. It’s so fucked up that I can even get mad anymore about Megan still being here.Funniest quote of the episode?Biddell saying Megan had a horseshoe lodged up her ass.

Megan’s winning design:

MG’s losing design:

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