Project Runway Canada – Opposites Attract

Iman’s the only one who can get away with telling another judge, “May God strike you dead”.

The difference with Project Runway Canada is that you have no doubt whatsoever that Iman’s the one running the show.

I mean, on Project Runway, you get that Heidi Klum’s nice to look at, but ultimately, her opinions don’t really matter because it’s really Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who are running the show in terms of judging.

(Speaking of Project Runway, it starts this week…and when you’re obsessed with all things Project Runway, this can only mean a very happy time in TV-land…especially with the writer’s strike happening.)

So, here’s the twist this week:
The designers had to pair off in teams with their opposite — whether that meant style or personality, it didn’t matter. You were supposed to pick your opposite.

Since there were an odd number of contestants left and Shernett was the last one to choose, Iman brought back all of the other designers who were previously eliminated and asked Shernett to choose from them.

Michael, who was chosen, didn’t want to come back at all.

I thought Brian Bailey had a point when he told Michael that, in the fashion world, you couldn’t just quit — okay, so I’m paraphrasing there, but you get his point, right? I mean, if you’re really serious about fashion as your career, why the hell would you give up the opportunity at a second chance?

Stephen, a favourite simply because of the stuff he says on-camera, and Lucian, whom I love, love, love as a designer, were paired together…and the only thing I was really disappointed about was just how insecure Stephen was. I mean, everything from the way he bowed his head and that fearful look on his face as if he expected to be struck was just so…disappointing.

I couldn’t believe it when he told Lucian that all he wanted was to be “safe”…like, the thought of trying to win at a challenge didn’t even cross his mind. The slow-mo look of incredulity (something I’m oh-so-fond of doing) flashed across Lucian’s face when Stephen said this and I had a moment where I thought the very thing Iman had the guts to say, “May God strike you dead.”

So, the challenge was this: create two outfits that were opposites i.e. hot vs. cold, masculine vs. feminine, etc. The outfits also had to comprise one daytime outfit and one nighttime outfit.

At the start of the episode, Megan was universally attacked to her face — and I totally understood why the other designers were pissed off. Here was a designer who often buckled under pressure and who had designed a fairly simple gown at the last minute for opera singer, Measha Brueggergosman, who claimed she wanted something dramatic.

It’s gotta be annoying to see the perpetually weepy and insecure Megan win when other designers were obviously putting in more effort into their creations.

For this challenge, Megan paired up with Carlie.

While I wasn’t crazy about Megan and Carlie’s designs, I didn’t think they were as hideous as MG and Shernett’s.

The fact that Shernett’s dress was so flat and boring should have given her the boot out the door. In my opinion, I think Carlie was consistently better in all of the previous challenges.

But then again, I’m not an actual judge on this show.

Lucian’s winning design:

Carlie’s losing design:

Shernett’s design — the design that should have lost for being “bad bridal boutique”:

~ by justj on November 13, 2007.

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