Project Runway Season 4 – Sew Us What You Got

Thank God they didn’t do some ridiculous first challenge like design a dress out of home hardware materials or flowers or some such nonsense.

I liked the basic approach that kicked off the first challenge of season 4 for Project Runway — the designers got to pick some pretty swanky, expensive fabrics from a tent at Bryant Park to create an outfit that would represent their style as a designer.

You know who surprised me?

Chris March — I mean, I know this sounds mean and all, but when I saw him panting his way over to those tents, I thought for sure that he’d be stuck with crappy fabrics and then make something over-the-top. I mean, he is a freelance costume designer and some of the stuff they showcased during the introduction was just totally outrageous…like, shit you’d never dream of wearing.

I didn’t like Elisa.

She was just, too…flakey.

The dress she designed was a disaster — Heidi put it best when she said the back of the dress looked like it was “poo-ing fabric.”

So, why the fuck wasn’t she booted off the runway?

I swear, there’s always one designer who lingers on, staying safe week after week after week.

On Project Runway Canada, it’s Megan.

I have a feeling that this season on Project Runway, it’ll be Elisa.

Winning Design – Rami

Losing Design – Simone

Michael Kors was right about this one — it looked like the model got dressed in the dark.

The Dress I Thought Should Have Lost – Elisa

~ by justj on November 14, 2007.

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