Project Runway Canada – Keep A Child Alive

It’s the way things go, isn’t it?

The designer with the least amount of interest in this challenge — to raise money by designing a dress with the theme of “hope” for Iman’s “Keep A Child Alive” charity through a silent auction — wound up winning.

That being said, I thought Biddell deserved to win — but it was still amusing to see Lucian’s expression when Iman told him he was safe instead of announcing he was the winner.

Later, when Biddell arrived backstage, announcing he had won, Lucian gave him a big hug and told him “it’s about time.”

People are such fakes.

I didn’t really think Megan’s dress was that horrible — I mean, yeah, it wasn’t fitted, but you could still tell that the model had a great figure just from the way the dress floated around her.

I thought Shernett did a worse job…why is she still in the competition?

I’ve always found her designs to be clunky and uninspiring.

The winning gown by Biddell:

The gown that had the highest bid ($10,000) – MG:

The losing gown by Megan:

The gown that should have lost – Shernett:

~ by justj on November 22, 2007.

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