Project Runway Season 4 – I Started Crying

I think most people fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker after “Sex and the City” — like, she’s the woman every girl (and some boys) wanted to be.

So, when they announced that the challenge this week was to design an outfit for a fashion icon, she was actually someone who popped into mind.

When Rami suggested Snow White, I wanted to beat him senseless over the head for such a stupid suggestion. And then, when Sarah Jessica Parker walked into the room — amidst gasps and wide eyes — and Chris M. started crying, I wanted to beat him senseless. (Though, when Tim revealed the challenge of designing a $40 retail outfit with a budget of $15, Chris made me laugh when he said, “$15? I think we’re going to be using toilet paper and scotch tape.”)

The challenge wasn’t so much to design an outfit for Sarah Jessica to wear, personally, but for her fashion line, Bitten (which I’m not too crazy about, if I’m completely honest).

Sarah Jessica chose the designs she liked best and then the designers were forced to pair off.

I was embarrassed for Kevin when he got up after showing his design to Sarah Jessica, and she graciously thanked him, offering him her hand — which he didn’t take.

I loved how Rami pitched his design and explained how a woman who’s a size 2 can wear it, and then get married, have babies, take off the belt and still wear it.

Poor Sweet P, stuck with Elisa as team lead — when Elisa spit on the fabric to mark it, I felt as horrified as Sweet P looked as she asked, “Why???

“Because I want to imbib it with energy and essence — and that’s how I mark it.”

Tim — bless his heart — simply said, “Elisa, this is cuckoo” when he went to examine the outfit.

Sweet P almost collapsed in relief when she said, “Good. Now I don’t feel so mean.”

Really…Tim just has this way of saying things that are on the mark, but doesn’t sound mean — and I think that’s an art.

I think all of the judges were horrified when Elisa boldly announced that she spit marks her clothes. Heidi, especially, seemed appalled and asked who in their right mind would want to buy something that’s been spit on?

“What planet are you from?” Heidi asked.

You know who royally annoyed me, though? Christian.

The judges batted his look down and called it for what it was: 80s retro — straight out of a Robert Palmer video. And instead of taking it for what it was, he was so ready to dismiss their opinions and wanted to know what Sarah Jessica thought, instead — which was tantamount to what Carlie did in Project Runway Canada, when she stated all she cared about was what Iman thought — not Measha Brueggergosman, the woman she was designing for.

The winning design by Victorya:

I wanted to love this, but I think it looks shapeless and unflattering.

The losing design by Marion:

Ugh. That’s all I can really say.

Michael Kors was so on the mark when he said the outfit looked a bit “costume-y” and that all they needed was a little headband and she’d look like Pochahontas.

And Heidi totally surprised me by pulling what I call “an Iman” by stating, “It just looks really dirty — like it was pulled out of a basement.”

What I’d probably buy off the Bitten line – Ricky’s design:

~ by justj on November 22, 2007.

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