Project Runway Canada – Splash From The Past


I love Stephen.

He was so cute when he moaned about how, with swimwear, you either know how to do it or you don’t.

And then he looks up at the camera and whispers, “I know how to do swimwear.”

Equally funny was Kendra, who said that, when this week’s twist was revealed — they’d have to design for plus-sized models — that nobody gasped out loud…but they all probably gasped inside.

Not-so-funny (but which made me laugh, anyway) was Biddell and Lucian’s continued rivallry — and how Biddell has started referring to Lucian as “buddy nuts.”

Other funny moments:
Stephen: Don’t use the nude. It’s too nude. That’s why it’s called nude.Biddell: Reassurement. (That’s not a word, dude…I think. No, I’m sure. It’s not a word.)Lucian: It’s like couture versus…I don’t know…slut-wear?

Stephen: I’m like the Susan Lucci of designing.

I really thought Lucian should have won:
The winning look – MG:

The losing look – Kendra:

~ by justj on November 28, 2007.

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