Project Runway Season 4 – Fashion Giant

You know, I was surprised they didn’t do this sooner — a menswear challenge, that is.

Loved, loved, loved the fact that most of the designers had no idea who Tiki Barber was. (Though, to be fair, I didn’t know who he was, either.)

Loved the fact that he had a whole list of things for the designers to be aware of — big ol’ neck, big ol’ butt, but little waist.

Cut to a shot of the designers back in the studio — most of them sitting there, tapping their pencils against their design pads and you can’t help but get this sense that finally this is a challenge that’s really interesting. It’s not stupid, like making a dress out of gardening materials…it’s a “real” challenge that you’d face if you were a “real” designer.

What cracked me up in this episode was when the male models walked in and Ricky goes, “Take off your clothes!” or when Steven confesses, “I finally get what straight guys are talking about when they go, ‘Oh, I can’t believe you get to be around all these half-naked chicks.’ Okay. Fine. I get it now.”

And I have to admit — I was a little surprised at just how gorgeous all of the guys were, too. I mean, usually, the models on Project Runway are sort of hit-or-miss…I don’t think any of them from all of the seasons — or from the Canadian and UK versions — have been all that memorable.

Elisa, as usual, was just an embarrassment. I swear, every time she opens her mouth to say something, I’m in cringe mode.

Though, that being said, I had another cringe moment when Tiki Barber’s wife walked into the room and Christian goes, “In walks this gorgeous Asian woman. I love Asians. Asians are fierce.”

Okay — so, that’s not racist or anything, but it still sounded weird.

The winning look – Jack:

The losing look – Carmen:

This was just ugly.

The look I liked best – Christian:

~ by justj on November 29, 2007.

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