Project Runway Canada – Resort Wear Galore

Nick Verros is so camp. I love it!

He totally cracked me up when he was checking out Lucian’s design and said, “You might not like what I have to say…it looks…Elton John-ish.”

Or when he was trying to get Biddell to tone down his look. (Biddell had planned on making a t-shirt with a print of a naked chest underneath his uber-loud jedi-like hooded jacket.)

“Oh my goodness…you know I have to tell you, this makes enough of a statement…you don’t need a ‘Hello!’ Trust me! You do not need that!”

Lucian’s opinion of Biddell’s hooded jacket: “It looked like Tommy Bahamas on acid.”

But you know what?

I actually liked it. I think it suited him. It’s something he’d totally wear.

Overall, I thought Nick made a pretty good mentor. He understood where the designers were coming from and even offered up this tid bit:

You can’t take constructive criticism personally — the mentors are there to help.

I love, love, LOVE Marie-Genvieve’s winning look:

She looks totally like my friend, E, here.

And…finally! Shernett’s gone!

~ by justj on December 5, 2007.

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