Project Runway Season 4 – Trendsetter

Is it just me, or are the challenges getting more ridiculous?

So, this week, the designers are told to go off into teams of three and to pick from a whole slew of outdated looks to create a cohesive, relevant line.

I had to laugh when Chris M. said, “Project Runway should have a perfume.”

Rami suggests it’s a mixture of tears, sweat and…

“Chinese food?” Chris M. suggested.

Sweet P. cracked me up. When Heidi hinted at what waited for them, Sweet P. said to the camera, “Immediately, I thought, we’re going to be making clothes for senior citizens.”

Not sure why, but this made me bust out laughing — I literally started coughing and choking as the coffee I was drinking went down the wrong way.

Anyways, even though Jillian’s team was dubbed “the clear winner”, I wasn’t really all that crazy about it.

To be fair, though, I can’t really stand Jillian.

She’s just got one of those bland personalities and I think it translates into what she designs, as well.

Out of all the teams, the dynamics between Ricky and Victorya irritated me the most — and Victorya’s behaviour was most disappointing.

I think that, because I’m Asian, I tend to be a little over sensitive when it comes to seeing other Asians on television — there’s this tiny voice in my head that keeps saying, “Please don’t say or do anything embarrassing.”

I actually think Ricky was right when he said that it seemed like she wanted to be the leader, but didn’t step up to the plate and actually be the leader.

Instead, she spent more time criticizing and voicing her opinion, instead of learning how to make things work.

Diplomacy, I think, always goes a long, long way.

This doesn’t mean keeping quiet and not saying what you think; diplomacy, after all, is telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they actually look forward to the journey.


~ by justj on December 8, 2007.

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