Project Runway Canada – Listen To Iman

So, the last challenge before L’Oreal Fashion Week was to design a dress for Iman to wear to L’Oreal Fashion Week.

It’s a pretty big challenge — and it’s the same challenge the designers from Project Catwalk’s first season had to face when they were charged with designing a gown for Liz Hurley. (Actually thought she was a pretty good host and much preferred her over Kelly Osbourne…I mean, seriously, what the hell does Kelly Osbourne know about fashion?)

Each of the remaining four designers got five minutes to talk to Iman to help them figure out what they wanted to design for her.

What was up with Biddell’s stupid ass questions, anyway?

Okay, granted, I’m no fashion designer, but, if I was given five minutes with Iman and given the task of creating an outfit for her to wear at L’Oreal Fashion Week — where I’d be presenting a collection — I’d be asking basic questions like:

What colour do you like to wear?
Would you prefer a gown or would you prefer something a little more avant-garde?
Who’s your favourite designer?
What was your favourite outfit and why?

I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t be asking:

Have you gone sky diving?
If you lost an arm, what would you replace it with? (WHAT THE FUCK?…and immediately, we cut to Biddell saying to the camera, “I think she’s going to pick my dress.” Here, you need to picture me bearing fangs and hissing, “Idiot.”)

The bickering between Lucian and Biddell continued, with Biddell pretending to want Lucian’s fabric and an extended spat between the two in the work room, with both calling the other “bitch.”

(I love it when boys call each other “bitch.” It just cracks me up.)

Lucian’s design:

I can actually picture Iman wearing something like this, even though I thought Biddell was spot on when he complained about how it just looked like a bra peeking out of a dress. That being said, I still think that Iman would look good in this — and I think she made the right decision to go with this dress.

Biddell’s design:

If I had to choose a dress to wear? It’d be this one. I just really loved the basket-weave look along the sides — and I’m glad Brian Bailey pushed Biddell to add some length to the bottom of the dress. I think it really helped complete the look.

Marie-Genevieve’s design:

You know, the judges are right when they say that Marie-Genevieve didn’t really represent herself with this design. It just looked matronly and completely unflattering for someone like Iman.

Stephen’s design:

It kind of broke my heart when he was booted off the runway and you have a shot of him going backstage.

He paused on the stairs and his back was to the camera — and you just knew he was crying.

I just felt bad for him, ’cause he was easily one of my favourites…and the thing is, even though he didn’t win any challenges, I kinda feel like he was robbed, ’cause I don’t think he was able to truly showcase what he’s capable of.

~ by justj on December 12, 2007.

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