Project Runway Canada – Finale

When it comes to reality shows and I happen to miss one, I usually still read ahead — I’m not all that fussed if I know how everything’s going to turn out. If anything, I sort of wish life was a little bit like that — like, you could just scroll ahead a little, find out how it’s all going to end or what’s going to happen, and then you just go on as normal…maybe a little more secure, knowing how things are going to pan out.

Anyways, I didn’t really care who won the first Project Runway Canada competition — as long as it wasn’t Marie-Genevieve.

Don’t ask me why I totally hated her, but I did.

Good thing the judges all firmly decided that there was no way in hell she’d be winning the competition — it was pretty much up for grabs between rivals, Lucian and Biddell.

While Lucian was meticulous and obviously worked his ass off for the whole three months available to him, Biddell openly talked about how he didn’t really pull things together until the last minute. Small wonder that even he expected Lucian to win the competition…and, of course, when judge Rita Silvan actually started crying (yeah, not sure what that was about…I almost felt embarrassed for her — except, if I’m honest here, I didn’t much care for her, either, ’cause she had that faint wiff of Eau De Snob) as she raved about how much she adored Lucian’s collection, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Lucian was the winner.

Rita Silvan

That is, of course, until you cut to the three judges having a discussion about who the winner should be.

Shawn Hewson

Shawn was firmly in the Biddell camp, talking about how innovative and daring he was, managing to pull his first ever collection together.

The two judges were clearly divided and it was up to Iman to decide.

She questioned whether Lucian would always be producing the same kind of look and if it was better to declare someone like Biddell, who would bring something fresh and new to the table, as the winner.

When it’s down to Lucian and Biddell, Lucian closes his eyes while Biddell moves his face in close, staring at Lucian with a goofy grin.

You can tell that Biddell’s expecting them to announce that Lucian’s the winner…but nope.

Biddell is the first ever winner of Project Runway Canada.

If they had this coat at Winner’s right now, I’d buy it.

Okay…not to be mean or anything, but this model, who was in MG’s lineup? She kinda scared me. She looked like one of those scary dolls that come to life in horror movies.

This crocheted jacket that Lucian loved so much? I thought it looked weird. I’d never buy anything that looked like that.

This skirt, though? I loved, loved, loved it.

~ by justj on December 19, 2007.

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