Project Runway Season 4 – Eye Candy

Oh, Project Runway — how I’ve missed you!

So, Tim Gunn’s leading them to Times Square where they’re going to get their next assignment…and they stop at Hershey’s.

While they’re walking, I kept thinking, “How cool would it be to be on this show?”

I mean, can you imagine? Instead of being at work, writing about — I’ll admit it — boring shit, I could be wandering around Times Square early in the morning, en route to finding out what the next challenge is.

But then, when they’re actually at the store, Tim tells them that they have to create an outfit using the materials found in the store — with only one day to complete the look and five minutes to collect as many items as possible.

I was like, “Say what?”

The designers went nuts as they scrambled, grabbing stuff.

I kept thinking it was sort of like being in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory — I think I would have had a crazy moment and gone delirious, wanting to stuff my face at the same time as collecting raw materials for my outfit.

Christian had to unwrap 1,000 Reese’s pieces peanut butter cups — oh the waste of chocolate!

But on the other hand, I loved his outfit.

It was cute and actually incorporated the strange materials in a way that was totally reminiscent (in my eyes) of couture.

Another outfit I totally loved and would probably wear is Kevin’s.

But then, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got Elisa.

Why-oh-why is she still in the competition?

Okay, I know this sounds mean, but when Elisa was talking about how she was in London with this opportunity to launch a T-shirt line, and on the last day, she got hit by a car where her head was split open and she was in a coma — well, I wondered, “Is this why she’s so…crazy?”

I mean, every time she opens her mouth to say something, the puzzled look on my own face is mirrored by someone else on the show…like Tim.

I’m glad that Elisa’s outfit lost.

I couldn’t believe it when she told the judges that she wanted to create an amazing, sexy, beautiful dress.

You’re kidding me, right?

I thought Christian was spot on when he said, “Oh my God, it’s hideous” as he surveyed the room and zeroed in on Elisa’s design.

I didn’t love Christian at first — and sometimes, I still find him so irritatingly cocky — but, I’ve gotta say, he’s got a way with words.

You know who else has a way with words?

The incomparable Tim Gunn.

When Tim told Sweet P that her skirt looked like either a coffee filter or a maxi pad, I started laughing and couldn’t stop.

I’ve gotta say, Jillian’s outfit surprised me — I thought it’d be a disaster because she was the only one who actually used edible products.

When she was crafting it, it looked hideous — but on the model, it looked okay…though it was a little big on the top. (I wouldn’t wear it, of course, but I wouldn’t have booted her off the competition as a result of it.)

The judges totally skewered Victorya, which is always a disappointment for me because, since she’s Asian, I kind of want her to win — but deep down inside, I know the dress was hideous and totally unwearable, despite the minor spat between her and Michael Kors over whether she’d actually wear the outfit.

If I’m honest, I kinda hate the designs that Victorya comes up with. They’re always shapeless and weird-looking.

My bet on who’s going to win Season 4?


No question about it.

Just check out how brilliantly his outfit turned out:

~ by justj on January 3, 2008.

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