Project Runway Season 4 – En Garde!

So, this week, the models are brought out with over-the-top hair at the very beginning of the episode.

Heidi tells the designers that their next challenge is to create an avant garde look inspired by their model’s hair.

I can’t remember which designer was paired with which model…but given the challenge, my hope would be that the designers chose based on their hair.

Then, back in the workroom, Tim informs the designers that they’ll have to work in teams of two.

I actually pictured Victorya and Jillian butting heads the most…just because they’re both really slow workers and I predicted them both stressing out over things not being pulled together fast enough — so it surprised me when Sweet P and Rami started up on the drama.

And all over a pair of pants, too.

One was stressing too much about what the other was doing; and one was like, “WTF? What are you stressing for?”

It just seemed like there wasn’t enough trust going on between the two — and when you don’t trust your partner and want to take over all of the responsibilities, you’re just going to wind up only being able to do things half-assed…or not finish at all.

(That’s my take on things, anyway.)

Rami just seemed really anal, you know? But I guess I would be, too, ’cause whoever winds up being the team leader usually winds up with their ass on the line.

What he doesn’t realize is that, if you’re always on someone’s back and upsetting them, it’s not going to make them work any faster or do their best work.

The two stop talking entirely and Sweet P confesses that she hopes they don’t wind up in a fist-fight.

I think Michael Kors had a point when he told them on the runway that the best design teams are often polar opposites — if you work with someone whose style is too similar to your’s, then you’re just telling each other how fabulous you each are and then nothing gets accomplished.

Tim, of course, throws a curveball, and tells them that they’ll have to create another outfit that will be ready-to-wear garment that embodies the essence of the avant-garde design.

(Pan to the shocked and borderline-angry looks of all the designers.)

“I wanted to throw up. Oh my God, I was so pissed,” Christian says to the camera.

Tim reminds them that every major fashion designer should be able to do this — provoke and inspire with conceptual work and then translate it into something saleable.

Chris and Christian actually made a great team.

I couldn’t help laughing when Christian said, “If I was a diva, my name would be Feroc” (as in ferocious).

That being said, it still irritates me when Christian never bothers to take Tim’s concerns seriously and just stubbornly sticks with what he thinks is right.

I loved their two looks the most:

Out of all the avant garde looks, I think Victorya and Jillian’s was the one that took me aback — I actually loved it.

The trench coat just totally rocked — if I could get away with it, I’d wear that around Toronto.

I’d get stared at, of course, but how cool would it be to strut down the street like you didn’t give a shit about what anybody thought?

I wasn’t particularly surprised that Ricky and Kit and Sweet P and Rami were in the bottom two teams — but when the judges narrowed down the bottom two to Rami and Kit, I just knew Kit would be sent packing. There’s just no way they would have sent Rami home yet. He’s already won two challenges.

Despite the fact that I found Rami’s avant garde look to be more hideous than Kit’s, I still didn’t mind seeing Kit go.

Michael Kors opined that the avant garde look was more like Scarlett O’Hara had run out of the house with the bed sheets draped around her.

If I was a judge, though? Based on the looks seen in this challenge, I would have definitely sent Rami home:

~ by justj on January 18, 2008.

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