Project Runway Season 4 – Even Designers Get The Blues

Who knew Rami had a sense of humour?

At the mention of a little field trip with Tim, Rami tells the camera about his trepidation — ’cause you never know what you’re going to get.

“You could be making a wedding dress out of stuff you find out of a garbage can,” he says, completely serious.

So, the challenge this week was to create an “iconic denim look using Levi’s 501s and cotton.”

BTW — Rami was totally robbed.

I think he deserved to win with this look:

Like Nina, I thought the dress was sharp and clean and sophisticated.

Sweet P cracked me up when she took off running and lost a shoe.

“It was so dirty in there,” she says. “See my foot?”

I was a little wary when she said she wanted to make a wedding dress.

I mean, seriously…WTF?

Rami was spot on about Christian when he said he was like a cartoon character with the constant bitching.

Cut to Christian moaning: “I’m going to die of barfness! My God! This isn’t how fashion is!”

I love Christian, though, ’cause he often says what he thinks…which happens to be what the rest of us are thinking.

Like when he opined that Ricky still being around is a bit of a joke, considering he’s always making the same old thing week after weekand doesn’t seem to have any vision at all.

(And then you cut to Ricky listing all of the big fashion designers he’s worked for…Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Vera Wang.)

His dress was…okay.

When Michael Kors compared the model to Amy Winehouse, I just thought, “Wow. That was mean.”

I mean, seriously, is there any singer out there right now who’s as ugly as Amy Winehouse?

Hideous, hideous, hideous!

I swear, if I was the model, I would have marched off of the runway and just slapped Michael Kors right across the face for saying that.

The shock on both Christian and Sweet P’s faces were priceless.

Like I said before, I preferred Rami’s dress, but I liked Christian’s look, too:

You just knew Victorya was going to get the boot when she started giving her history of how, as a kid, she’d design her own looks and her mother would sew them together for her.

You know what, though? I didn’t mind her trench.

I mean, compared to Jillian’s coat, I’d much, much rather wear Victorya’s outfit.

(And you know what else I didn’t get? How come Jillian kept getting the credit for coming up with a trench coat? Sweet P and Rami and Ricky and Chris all trotted out dresses…how come we didn’t hear them complaining about how the others “stole” their look?)

(Though, out of all of the outfits that went down the runway, I wouldn’t have chosen either of them.)

Okay, I admit it — a part of it is the whole “Asian” thing.

You never ever want to see one of your peeps being booted off.

More than a couple of commenters wrote of Tim’s recap and mentioned that he didn’t say he would miss Victorya the way he did with all the previous designers.

I have to admit she came across as pretty dry.

(But so does Jillian. I swear, both of them have boring monotone voices…sometimes, I can’t tell who’s who when I’m just hearing their voices.)

~ by justj on January 27, 2008.

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