Project Catwalk Season 3 – Episode 1 Recap

Oh, Sky One — won’t you please, please, please take a page out of’s site for their version of Project Runway?

I was probably a little too excited when I discovered Project Catwalk’s third season had started.

The thing is, as much as I love Project Runway and as much as I truly believe that the show can work no matter where it’s situated and who’s playing host, mentor or judge, I still find Project Catwalk to be the cheesiest knock-off…but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

Okay, let’s take a look at the contestants, shall we?

Debbie Debonair — OMG. They show this really tacky looking Black woman strutting down the street as she waxes enthusiastic about how confident she is in her abilities and bubbly personality.

Cut to a close up of her gnarly teeth, which include a gold-plated name plate that spells out “Debonair” across her bottom teeth.


You’ve. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

Cut to James.

He seems kind of boring, despite the attempt to vamp it up as he walks down the street and declares he’ll do anything to win.

Hello, tacky contestant no. 3 — Angie, an Aussie expat and mother.

Loud colours all around and the word “whore house” thrown into the mix and there seems to be some promise…but otherwise, she sort of seems dull, too.

Jules, a former supermarket range designer but currently unemployed, says slowly and precisely that she thinks she can win the competition because she’s, like, really true to herself.


Ross says that he’s 31 and still hasn’t had a decent job — but he adds that he likes the “finer things in life.” (Who doesn’t? Seriously, has anybody ever said, “I like the not-so-finer things in life”?)

We watch this 31-year-old in a grandpa’s sweater skateboarding recklessly around corners in between shots of him arranging a display case.

42-year-old Viv is the oldest — and I can’t help but like her. She’s only made clothes, thus far, for herself and her friends, but she says she thinks it’s time to try doing something she’d really love.

Okay, this one threw me for a loop — Jasper is Canadian. (What are you doing on Project Catwalk, boy? You should have tried out for Project Runway Canada to be taken a little more seriously.)

I’m obviously rooting for this one to win, ’cause, not only is he a Canuck, but he’s also Asian (Filippino) and that’s enough for me to overlook anything hideous he might design.

Fionnuala is Irish and comes from a designing family and says she was born with a sewing needle in her hand.

Party girl Katy doesn’t exactly look like the sort who’d make her own clothes — at first glance, she seems more like a spoiled Paris Hilton type.

Keko looks like another fashion disaster.

Seriously. WTF?

Tom, a menswear designer, looks more like he’s a total meat head. He says, because he’s really sporty, he “plays to win.”

Clinton was named South African designer of the year in 1998.

So…what the hell happened?

Chelsey is also Canadian and also works as a part-time plus-sized model.


Kelly Osbourne returns as host.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why she’s the host.

Sure, she’s affable and surprisingly sweet, but she’s not a mover and shaker in the fashion industry. Elizabeth Hurley, in my opinion, was a much more appropriate host and was a lot more fitting.

When Kelly brings out Zandra Rhodes — her fashion icon — after the contestants pick their models and she delivers the first brief, I start sensing a theme: tacky, tacky, tacky.

First challenge: create an outfit that defines you as an individual designer — and they have to use three garments from each other’s suitcases. (A lot like the first challenge of Project Runway Canada.)

Everyone’s upset.

With Project Catwalk, you see the contestants bitching at each other a lot more — oh the drama! Debbie and Angie are all pissed off with each other because Angie doesn’t want to share a room with Debbie, whom she considers loud and crass. (Which she is.)

Angie has taken it into her mind that she doesn’t like Debbie, so, even though Angie’s new roommate, Jules, is absolutely taken with Debbie’s energy, Angie thinks she’s just naive and that she doesn’t know how to tell Debbie to shut up and go away.

Angie is just gunning for Debbie and she snipes at how Debbie brought patterns onto the show, instead of pattern blocks (which they’re allowed to) and starts bitching about how she shouldn’t be on Project Catwalk to begin with. (Debbie catches Angie blah blahing to the camera, and then mouths, “Fuck” over being caught.)

Keko and Katy, who noticed Debbie using the patterns to begin with, rat her out to Ben. Katy later pretends to feel bad about it when Debbie starts crying about how she didn’t know the difference between pattern blocks and patterns because she’s self-taught.

Intro: Ben de Lisi, the mentor, who’s also doubling as a judge this season.


I wish they’d let Tim Gunn be a judge on Project Runway.

That being said, I’ve always felt Ben was a really good mentor — unlike Tim, he actually works in the fashion industry and I find his comments are really constructive.

When we finally get to the catwalk show, I’m disappointed.

Oh, how it pains me that fromer judge, Julien MacDonald was nowhere to be seen.

He was such a bitch — I loved him.

Remember this critique, where he ripped Aussie contestant, Monica, a new one by calling her swim suit “rubbish” and then told her that her head was as big as her body.


I always laugh whenever I remember the way “rubbish” rolled off his tongue.

I really wonder why Elle Magazine didn’t renew their partnership with Project Catwalk, seeing as it works with both Project Runway and Project Runway Canada.

I just personally find Grazia editor, Paula Reed to be…well…how should I put this?

Bland — and a surprisingly bad dresser.

My thoughts on the designs that were trotted out?

Pain. Pure pain.

I just feel like the calibre of talent shown on Project Catwalk has always been consistently mediocre — or downright bizzare — compared to what you’ll see on Project Runway or Project Runway Canada.

I thought Viv should have won this challenge:

It’s Ross, however, who wins the first challenge:

James winds up leaving — or as Kelly used to say at the end of each show, the challenge’s “fashion victim” — because of his poorly constructed dress with the zipper that puckers in the back.


~ by justj on February 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Project Catwalk Season 3 – Episode 1 Recap”

  1. Jasper has lived, studied and worked in London for the past 9 years so I would imagine that is why he applied to be on Project Catwalk as opposed to Project Runway Canada.

    I agree that the British version is a bit more cheesy than the Canadian one. However, when it comes to fashion I think Britain is miles ahead compared to Canada.

  2. okay, this blog is far better than ANY episode of PC, london. i’ve really tried to wait out and watch season 3, but short of a lot of xanax in order to survive all the de lisi whining, osborne snuffling, and macdonald whinge-ing, i’ll just read your marvelously entertaining blog. thanks.


  3. Thanks for the compliment! Trust me, if you need to watch Project Runway Canada — it’s stripped down to the basics and with Iman as a host, you know you’re dealing with a serious fashion contender.

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