Project Catwalk Season 3 – Redesigning Nancy

This was an interesting task: the remaining twelve designers are asked to create a red carpet dress for “celebrity” Nancy Dell’Olio, who is often on the “Worst Dressed” list.

(Okay — why do certain rich people automatically become “celebrities”? I actually had to Google Nancy Dell’Olio to figure out who the hell she was.)

The twist, of course, is that only six designs will be chosen for production — which sets the stage for the first team challenge.

Nancy seemed really…boring — like, she’s had too much Botox and its rendered her face completely immobile.

Jasper, Viv, Katy, Clinton, Ross and Jules are chosen to develop their designs.

I was pretty glad that Angie wasn’t chosen — I mean, I don’t like Debbie because she’s loud, tacky and crass, but I loathe Angie because she’s one of those people who thinks entirely too highly of herself and doesn’t have enough self-awareness to realize that her domineering ways and her absurdly high opinion of herself just make her really, incredibly unlikeable.

Canucks Jasper and Chelsey are working together — and when she, and the other “assistants” (designers not chosen to actually create their designs), are sent off to pick up their materials, she doesn’t follow Jasper’s instructions to bring back silk and opts to get taffeta instead.

Keko is another assistant who doesn’t bother following his team lead’s instruction of either finding fabric and thread that match exactly in colour or to go with black if option A wasn’t possible.

Back at the house, the contestants get drunk (as usual) and have a pajama party — which Kelly “crashes” and shows up at the front door, looking surprisingly cute and tasteful sans make-up. (She actually looked really very pretty, which makes you wonder about some of her former fashion miscues…but who knows? Maybe being host of Project Catwalk has taught her a thing or two.)

Season 2 alumns, Gilles and Monica, also turn up in PJs with loads of advice on how to survive Project Catwalk.

(I was actually pretty disappointed that their appearance on the show was so brief.)

As always, the scenes at the Instituto Marangoni where mentor Ben de Lisi is making the rounds just illustrates what a great mentor he is. Granted, he doesn’t have quite the same diplomatic finesse that Project Runway Canada’s mentor, Brian Bailey, has, but I think a lot of his opinions and criticisms are valid and worth considering. (I often cringe at the harsh way Ben talks sometimes.)

The spirit of Tim Gunn seemed evident in this challenge.

“Make it work!”

And here is how Jasper and Chelsey tried to make it work: by taping their model’s bum with massive tape so that she’d be able to fit the dress, which, unfortunately, didn’t fit properly.

Jasper had tried on the dress (big mistake, seeing as Jasper and his model are in no way the same body shape, height, weight, size) and he underestimated just how much bigger her ass would be.

The model could barely walk out down the catwalk and was really shuffling. Tom and Clinton could barely contain their laughter.

Nevertheless, “Team Canada” netted a win.

The judging was…well, I just really miss Julien MacDonald. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with stylist Nick Ede, but with Julien MacDonald missing from the panel, a huge part of the fun that was Project Catwalk was just missing.

Of course, Ben does his best to fill that void when he sharply rebukes Clinton and Keko for the bizzare detail to the back of the dress, which he describes as, “What we have seen is basically toilet paper plopped onto her bum.”

The other twist this week was that it would be a double elimination.

Booted out the door was the always bizzarely-dressed Keko (seriously…why is he even in the fashion field?) and Jules (mainly because, as designer, she didn’t follow the brief and made a dress rather than a gown).

The melodramatic reactions of the other designers — especially Debbie Debonair — when Jules and Keko had to leave was…bizzare.


~ by justj on February 3, 2008.

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