Project Runway Season 4 – Raw Talent

“Sweet P — I don’t want Fashion Week to be all boys,” Jillian says.

Um, I’m sorry, but when it comes down to it, neither Sweet P nor Jillian would count as being the top three in terms of talent.

I know a lot of people like Jillian, but you know what? I find her boring and bland. And in spite of the fact that, yes, Ricky’s annoying (what with all the crying), I still like his style a little bit better.

I actually felt bad for him when he mentioned that his win still hadn’t won him any respect from the other designers.

It’s funny, isn’t it? No matter how old you get, you still have that clique mentality in any group setting.

We cut to the next challenge being introduced as Tim takes everyone on a little field trip and Jillian complains about how she hopes they won’t have to run, ’cause she’s wearing six-inch heels.

When they arrive, Jillian notes: “There’s this crazy war noise coming from the door.”

They pan to all of the designers, who have varying degrees of bugged-eye confusion as they murmur about how freaked out they are by what Sweet P calls “sounds like people killing each other.”

Christian disagrees and giddily tells the camera that they sounded more like sex moans.

The doors open and the designers find WWE wrestlers going at it, kicking, screaming, and pulling each other’s hair.

Chris gives a funny little chuckle as he tells the camera, “It was pretty great, actually.”

When Tim climbs into the ring, he comments that “grandpa” has trouble getting through the ropes. Oh, Tim — grandpa you certainly are not.

He throws back his head and laughs when the last wrestling diva steps forward and says that she’s also known as the “sex kitten” and then dramatically rips open her trench coat.

So, as Tim explains, the challenge is: create an outfit for the divas to wear in the ring.

“‘Oh shit’ was the initial thought that ran through my head,” Jillian says.

That would have been my thought, too.

Each designer takes turns picking a diva to design for.

Chris notes that the mistake is to think that designing this is a matter of doing “stripper/trani wear” but his diva corrects him and says it’s only “partially stripper/trani.”

Chris’ diva absolutely loved the outfit that he designed for her.

“I’m worried. I’m concerned,” Tim tells Ricky.

I like the fact that he doesn’t come right out and tell the designers what to do (which Ben de Lisi sometimes does when he’s offering criticism to the designers on Project Catwalk). He reminds them that he’s only thinking about what the judges might say when he throws out suggestions.

As always, cutie-pie Christian always says the bestthings.

“She’s really fierce. She’s one of the fiercest people I’ve ever met — and that’s saying a lot ’cause I’ve met some really fierce bitches in my life,” he says of his diva.

When discussing what they’re “diva” wrestling names would be, Christian says, “Mine would be Feorcia Coutura and her move is that she sprays girls in the eyes with hairspray.”

(Though, Chris came in a close second with, “Mine would be Wonder Woman and she’d smother her enemies with her enormous breasts.”)

Sweet P is apprehensive because her diva wants all sorts of tacky things — star cut-outs on her ass and feathers and sparkles.

Rami advises Sweet P to choose what will work and discard the rest.

(Tim’s evident disgust is hilarious, though.)

Christian later asks Sweet P, “Do you want me to be honest? It looks really…hideous.”

(Nice one, buddy.)

The judges looked like they had the best time judging this challenge.

Guest judges were Traver Rains and Richie Rich of Heatherette, who also guest judged on Project Runway Canada. (Yay!)

Kudos to Chris for winning with this look:

Ricky gets auf’d with this look:

Tim, in his blog, writes:
“Had the challenge been to design swimwear for the Caribbean, then Ricky may have won. Alas, not so. His tangerine bikini with gold hardware trim was well done, although derivative, but it wasn’t even remotely appropriate for the WWE ring.”

You know who I’ve been ejoying a lot lately?

Michael Kors.

He’s surprisingly funny — and fierce.

I mean, he’s no Julien MacDonald when it comes to judging and making sound-bite worthy comments, but he does his best.

When he tells the designers that he feels like “the Pope at a sex club” when it comes to judging this, everybody cracks up.

I thought he was pretty insightful and great when he wrote (in an obviously gentle piece of advice to Ricky):
“I’m pretty sappy, and I cry at television commercials; I hear the music swell at the credits of a sad movie and I’m the first person to get choked up, but to get choked up constantly about fashion? I don’t know how you’re gonna have a career. If this is how you respond, what happens when you get slammed in the newspaper? Cry? You can’t, you just can’t. I appreciate someone who’s sensitive, but if you’re gonna cry you’ve gotta learn how to cry internally. Because you’re going to have no choice, you’re going to have employees, you’re going to have clients, you’re going to have to deal with the press, and everyone is going to expect you to stay upbeat, regardless of what happens. I do think fashion people have a tendency to be very sensitive, but it’s about figuring out how to turn it into something that’s internalized and private, or, if you wanna cry and bitch and moan, you can do that with a friend, but not in public.”

~ by justj on February 8, 2008.

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