Project Catwalk Season 3 – Mac Daddy!

The designers on Project Catwalk, in comparison with the designers on Project Runway and Project Runway Canada just seem really sub-par…and tacky.

This isn’t really about having untrained designers — it’s just about sheer tackiness.

This week, when they’re being driven to meet their mystery client, Angie says, “Worst case scenario, a big, fat Mac. I would find that utterly boring. ”

Of course, that’s  your clue as to what they’re doing this week.

Gary Bott, the brand manager of MacIntosh, meets them and asks the designers to write down the first words and images that come to mind when they hear the word “MacIntosh” — as in rainwear, not computers, as menswear designer, Tom, was thinking.

The brief however is to take the brand product to the “next level” — as in doing a new design that still retains the key design elements of MacIntosh wear. And of course, what would a challenge be without a twist?

The designers are split into two groups — five are to design menswear and five are to design the usual womenswear.

Tom, it seems lucks out, because he is a menswear designer, but then you see his design and you’re like, “What gives?”

I thought this whole twist was just so fucking stupid — I mean, the fair thing to do is to have everyone design menswear. (Just like in the Tiki Barber challenge in Project Runway this season.)

Interestingly, the narrator notes that professional coat-makers do a three-year apprenticeship, whereas the designers only have a few days for this challenge.

Ben de Lisi strides into the workroom and has his usual, pinched look and provides his unflinchingly honest comments in his ever-so-pronounced New Yawk accent.

“None of this makes sense to me! Frankly, I’m scared to death for you right now!” he tells Katy.


I was really surprised when Ben actually picked a seam apart and cut some of Debbie’s material for her so that she could have a finished garment for the catwalk.

I don’t think that, as a mentor and a judge, he should have done that.

“Debbie’s got a very unusual approach to pattern-cutting,” Tom says after thinking about what to say for a long time.

Debbie, it seems, is the one that everyone thinks should leave. It certainly seems like, in terms of a popularity contest, Debbie’s easily one of the most unpopular designers in the house.

As usual, you’ve got bitchy Angie opining to the camera that Debbie’s out of her depth (she’s right about that one) and just showing exactly how pompous she is.

When the designers have to pitch their designs to the MacIntosh people, I can’t help but cringe. Nothing really stands out to me and I’m glad that the buyers were honest about how much they didn’t like it. (Though Jasper, in a cloud of delusion, actually believed the judges secretly liked his hideous coat.)

Angie silently seethes when Debbie comes back from her pitch with positive comments and reviews.

While I initially had high hopes for Jasper, I just wanted to smack him when I watched him during this challenge. I just felt shame that he’s actually Canadian and Asian — he was just very flighty and…well, silly.

When he opted to send his model down the runway without pants and just wearing his underwear, Kelly said, “All you stared at was his package instead of the actual garment that was walking down the catwalk!”

Oh my God, I just wanted to smack Jasper in the face — just punch him for being so bloody tacky. I mean, c’mon! He’s supposed to be Canadian. He should have known better.

You know what I hate most about him? It’s how he doesn’t listen and seems really flakey.

Jasper would have never been able to make it onto Project Runway Canada, ’cause, frankly, I feel like the designers on Project Catwalk just don’t have what it takes to actually compete against the calibre of talent that you see on both Project Runway shows.

That being said, I still loved Viv’s design.

Katy winds up winning the menswear design:

The winner for the women’s wear is Ross:

Debbie gets turfed off the show for this:

~ by justj on February 10, 2008.

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