Project Catwalk Season 3 – Fireworks With Firetrap

Here’s a confession: I sort of hate keeping up with Project Catwalk now — especially with Project Runway running at the same time and it’s so clear that the designers from Project Runway totally blow the designers out of Project Catwalk out of the water.

I mean, Project Catwalk is more like, “Who can design the ugliest, tackiest outfits?”

You can’t help but wonder if there’s just zero talent in the UK.

But…with Project Runway slated to wrap up in a few weeks, I’ll have to get my Project Runway fix elsewhere.


Onto week 4 of Project Catwalk…

Can I say again how much I loathe Angie? With tacky Debbie’s departure, Angie is smiling broadly at the camera, saying that it was quite clear that Debbie didn’t like her.

Um, yeah. Who stirred up that mess, Angie? Should we rewind the tape and take another look at the evidence of how you created the “negative atmosphere” (as she calls it).


When I think about it now, I think I really hate most of these designers — not only with what they design but also, in large part, because of their personalities.

This week’s challenge involves grouping the designers into groups of three to design a collection for a music festival.

Finnoula leading Jasper and Angie.

Jasper immediately shows a pout and bows his head. He would have rather gone with Clinton or Ross.

Jasper tries to steer the group when Angie branches off talking about fabrics, etc. He delicately says, “We should probably think about the concept rather than the details like the fabric.”

Angie, however, is chosen by Finnoula to go buy the fabric — much to the irritation to Jasper, who jokingly (but not really) asks Finnoula if it’s because she doesn’t trust him. When she doesn’t respond, Jasper is clearly upset by this.

Angie isn’t able to find anything that her team wanted and then opts to choose the most hideous fabrics in the store. She blames the shop for having nothing but crap, but when Finnoula looks around and notices that other people had perfectly nice fabric choices, she realizes that the problem isn’t the shop — it’s Angie, who goes on and on dramatically about what a horrible ordeal she went through.

She jokes about how she’ll pack her bags so that she can leave. (Which sets up the episode for her exit.)

Mentor Ben de Lisi is less than impressed with Angie’s looks and says with clear disgust, “It just doesn’t have any…taste.”

I love it when he goes further and tells Angie that she bought for herself, not for the brief.

(I almost want to high five Ben at this point.)

“I’m feeling…fucked, to be honest,” Finnoula says privately.

When Jasper opines that Angie lacks sophistication, I think, “Yes! That’s exactly it! I couldn’t figure out what it was about her, but I think that’s it!”




Katy is leading Tom and Clinton. (Much to Katy’s relief because she’s had enough of working with Angie.)

Katy explains to Ben that they want to have a sporty and comfortable feel for the festival, which Ben approves of.

He doesn’t like Clinton’s design, though, which looks more fitting for a wedding than a wedding festival.

Clinton was chosen to go off to find fabric and he feels all right with the challenge.




Viv heads up a team comprised of Ross and Chelsey. (Viv was less than thrilled with this challenge, nevermind leading a team, because she’s never even been to a music festival.)

Chelsey expresses worry because Viv doesn’t seem like she knows what the hell she’s doing.

Ross goes to the fabric store and realizes he has to compromise and is scratching his head as he looks around.

But Ben is in raptures over the colour choices and even pats Ross’s head like he’s a good puppy dog.

It becomes abundantly clear throughout the episode, however, that Ross is the one who’s actually the de facto leader — which is probably for the best, anyway.




Ben later comes in with the announcement that the second part of the challenge is to create a backdrop on a blank canvas for the Firetrap flagship store windows in Covent Garden to display their outfits.

To drum up interest, passersby are invited to cast votes on what they liked best.

Angie blatantly cheats by dragging people over or bringing ballots to people and ask them to check off her display window.


Katy’s team narrowly wins the street challenge, but the judges choose Viv and Clinton as the winners of this challenge.

The judges think Tom’s pants look like “poo pants” or as Kelly tells him, “It looks like she’s wearing a colostomy bag!”

Jasper’s jeans are a hit, but his jacket reminds judge Nick Ede of a jet trail.  (I’m sure that was Nick’s attempt to be as snotty and judgmental as other Project Runway judges…but, he falls short.)

Angie, however, is out.

~ by justj on February 18, 2008.

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