Project Runway Season 4 – The Art of Fashion

I can’t believe we’re here — the end is near and I’m sort of dreading it because that means no more Project Runway for a long, long while.

*le sigh* 

On to the recap, though…

Tim announces to the designers that their challenge is to create a look inspired by a piece of art in the MET.

Everybody is happy with the challenge — nothing to wacky.

Armed with digital cameras, they’re given 45 minutes to take quick pictures of whatever inspires them.

Rami, of course, goes straight to the Greek and Roman sculptures gallery.

And Rami even calls it “meeting his match.”

“Let’s face it, Rami’s going to be choosing this gallery,” Chris says with a laugh.

Okay, can I say something about Chris?

I love the way he giggles and chuckles.

He sort of pissed me off at the beginning when he bawled over meeting Sarah Jessica Parker, but I’ve since forgiven him for that faux pas.

When he laughs, it actually booms and echoes throughout the Egyptian room.

He points out some heiroglyphics and cattily says, “Oh, look. Joan Rivers carved her initials in here.”

Christian is more inspired by European painting. He likes the Spanish military painting and I can’t help but wonder just what it is he’s going to design.

He tells Chris later that he’s going to do a menswear outfit that’s going to be high fashion rather than costume-y. He even says he doesn’t want to play it too safe (unlike Rami, who thinks that he’s going to simply do what he knows best).

Sweet P marvels over how cool it is that there’s no one there.

“I could have probably touched the painting,” she tells the camera, and then sheepishly adds, “But I didn’t.”

(She would have probably triggered an alarm or something and been hauled off by security.)

When she says she’s going to use this painting of a peacock for inspiration, I can’t help but thinking it’ll probably look really cool.  How wrong I was.

The claws come out in the work room between Christian, who speeds through his sewing and seems to be producing a whole line of clothes rather than one outfit, and Jillian, who spends three hours pressing one garment.

She gets defensive when Christian notes how long she’s taking and when she attempts to talk back, it just comes off sounding really lame because she just sounds like she’s whining.

It’s sort of like when you’re kid at school and some idiot bully has made fun of you and all you can think to say is, “Oh yeah? Well…well…fuck you!” and it’s not until you’re at home, seething in the shower, that you think, “Fuck! I should have said this instead.”

That’s Jillian — boring in demeanour, through and through. (That’s not to say, though, that her designs are boring. I readily concede that she’s a thoroughly competent designer.)

Christian, as always, makes me laugh, when the day of the runway show arrives and he notes that he looks “fierce” and starts straightening his hair.

Chris marvels at how nobody in the show absolutely, totally hated each other and Christian shrieks, “Who says nobody hated each other? Damn! Every five minutes I was ready to cut somebody!”

When Tim wanders over to take a look at Christian’s piece and says he loves the white shirt.

“Isn’t it fabulous? And the white shirt looks so good on me!” Christian says.

Tim throws back his head and roars with laughter. “That’s all that really matters!”

I love it when Christian calls Tim “lady.”

OMG — only Christian would get away with that.

Jillian opines that she’s unsure of Christian’s look, saying that it looks a bit too…”marshmallow-y.”

Roberto Cavalli is the guest judge — and my God, is he ever creepy.

I couldn’t help laughing when they had to use subtitles to “translate” what he was saying.


He did think, however, that it was evident that Christian had put a lot of “love” in his work.

Christian is in.

He is also deemed the winner of this final challenge.

As always, Jillian is taking much too long.

Everyone is impressed with the details — except for Michael Kors, who thinks that there’s nothing reminiscent of the painting that Jillian claims she was inspired by.

Heidi later tells the other judges that Jillian is balls-y — that Jillian might be quiet, but Jillian’s clothes aren’t quiet.

“They go ‘pow’!”

Rami’s oh-so-predictable look:

Tim asks Rami, “Can I be honest with you? Nina doesn’t want to say, ‘I’ve seen this look before.'”

Rami argues that, he was presented with this challenge, and he couldn’t not go with the grecian draping.

“Just keep in mind that it needs to be fresh,” Tim tells him.

Chris says, “I don’t know why Rami would do another dress like this. He keeps getting in trouble with the judges for doing the same thing.”

And sure enough, Michael Kors says, “How predictable that you picked drapery from Rome and Greece. I mean, c’mon!”

“It’s too normal!” Cavalli says.

Rami is determined to stick by his decision and asks, “Why is drapery a negative thing?”

“It’s not negative!” Nina interrupts. “I just want to see more! I’m really curious to see if you can do more and outside of this box.”

But is he in?

Let’s move down the line to Chris. 

Okay, the thing about Chris’ design is that it looks way too much like the design that he and Christian worked on with the avant-garde look.

He finishes early and decides to go off and take a nap — much to consternation of Tim, who goes off in search of Chris, and finds Chris snoring thunderously in the next room.

“Why aren’t you in the work room?” Tim demands.

When Chris replies he’s done, Tim asks, “Is it wow-able?”

Chris thinks it is and refuses to add anything more, even though Tim walks away, murmuring, “I’m worried!”

Cavalli says he thinks that Chris is the most artistic out of all the designers — but, of course, he didn’t know that Chris’ design was basically a rip-off of Christian’s design from an earlier challenge.

When they cut to Christian, his face is stony.

I liked how both Heidi and Michael Kors point out that they’ve seen this before. Nina takes it one step further and says, “I’m sure you’ve got different tricks up your sleeve!”

Michael Kors later tells the other judges that Chris made a huge mistake taking something that memorable and doing it twice.

Sweet P (or “Sweat P” as she’s incorrectly identified on Bravo TV’s “Rate the Runway” gallery) doesn’t fare so well compared to the others.

Tim gets to the point and says that Sweet P’s outfit looks in no way like a peacock — there are no feathers, for a start.

You take one look at this awful mess and you just know Sweet P is out.

Cavalli even said, “I don’t have much to say about that dress.”

A tearful Sweet P tells the camera that she’s a big cry baby as she wipes away her tears and says in a wobbly voice, “I really believe that what’s meant to happen will happen and I know I’m going to be fine — I’m just a little sad.”

So who are the final three?

Well, here’s the twist…the judges couldn’t decide, either, between him and Chris — so they’re both allowed to present collections, but the judges will decide, based on their three strongest looks and then pick one to move onto the final show.

Potentially, the final…four?


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