Project Runway Season 4 – Reunion

Ah…the reunion show.

I usually hate this sort of thing, but this was actually pretty refreshing.

Sweet P tells Tim and Heidi that her favourite part of being back in the real world is getting accosted by celebrities.

Jack Black and Catherine Keener are fans and in one instance, she wasn’t too far away from Brad Pitt and she couldn’t understand why she was the one everybody wanted to meet.

Tim and Heidi congratulate Victorya for putting on her first runway show but she’s so completely unresponsive and somewhat hostile that I’m actually embarrassed for her.

Nothing but one-word answers — it was so awkward and stupid.

I’m glad Tim and Heidi smoothly ushered in the final four and changed the topic.

What I thought was weird was when they were talking about Jack having to leave the show because of his staf infection.

“Oh God,” he murmured when Heidi announced they were going to discuss this part in the series.

It was obvious he didn’t want to see this and he looked upset just watching the clips — as did a lot of the other contestants. Sweet P even wiped away a few tears and had to blink a couple of times.

Jack said he was in the hospital for five days and that as quickly as the infection came, it went away as well.

I just thought it was weird when Tim turned to Victorya and said she also seemed quite upset and angry about Jack’s departure — and she just sat there, with her arms crossed and seemed very cold.

I know on the message boards for the TV Guide blogs, a lot of people thought she was an Ice Queen, but, if they’d seen the exit videos on Bravo, they would have known that Victorya and Jack have a mutual friend and that they actually became pretty close throughout the show and that they have actually kept in touch since the show ended.

I thought the Victorya bashing was unwarranted and I absolutely cringed when Heidi said, “I think Victorya’s uptight in general. Or is that just me?”

Tim laughed and patted Heidi on the back and said, “No, it’s not just you.”

Okay — that? That was inappropriate — talking about someone like she’s not even there, and trashing her no less.

Shame on you both, Tim and Heidi.

Jack is asked if he’s going to return to Project Runway for another season to compete again.

He says he doesn’t know.

A fan texts in with the question, “Kevin: are you sure you’re not gay?”

Kevin laughs and says that he’s been hanging out a lot with Jack and has been in almost every gay bar in New York City, but no, he’s not gay. He lives with his girlfriend.

Again, Heidi and Tim do the whole, “Let’s talk about the person like he’s not even here!”

It’s just so not funny.

Heidi announces the one question she gets asked the most is if the competition is as gruelling as it appears.

Christian answers that it’s worse — and adds that they’re on this diet of Chinese food that doesn’t mesh well with everybody and pinches his nose and wafts the air to illustrate what he means.

Chris says it’s surreal being a fan and then a designer — just looking at Heidi and Tim and the runway and then being told to design something ASAP is like being thrown into the fire.

Talk turns to Elisa and how weird she is.

There’s a clip of Chris telling her, “Keep your brain waves off of me” which shocks and surprises him. He throws his hands up in the air, startled that this made it onto film and laughs.

Ricky is pretty pissed off and embarrassed and upset when they roll the clip of him crying all the time on camera — especially when he starts off with the words, “I don’t cry all the time.”

It’s embarrassing — for him and for me.

I wish they hadn’t shown that — it was embarrassing for him.

He was a little bitchy when he answered.

“I didn’t know I was going to cry like a woman,” he said, which garnered a gasp from some of the women designers.

One of the fans asked were there any comments that were difficult to hear things on the show after they’d left.

Carmen was pretty upset that a lot of the designers were relieved that she was the one to go and not her — um, what the hell did she expect? Of course you’re going to be relieved that it’s not you.

Jack said that he was able to dismiss it because he understands the duress everybody was under.

What was nice, though, was the clip of Chris laughing non-stop and everybody imitating him.

“Chris’ laugh, in general, is out of control,” Christian says to the camera, as they show the last episode where Chris laughs at the MET and you see all these empty rooms as the laugh booms and echoes.

Heidi instructs Chris to laugh everyone into the next commercial break, but it’s kind of hard to laugh on cue — so everybody helped out by tickling Chris.

That was hilarious.

The judges are brought out and they show Michael Kors laughing like crazy because Ricky’s model for the wrestling challenge did this sexy pose that made Michael crack up.

It was the kind of laugh where you just can’t stop because you keep thinking about it and it’s not really all that funny, but because you keep trying not to laugh, it just makes you want to laugh even harder.

It reminded me of me.

He actually laughed until he cried.

Nina addresses how she’s glad that Heidi is tougher this season and that she’s another “bad cop” — she even tells them that someone actually called her “Meana Grazilla”.


Michael Kors is asked why, if he’s a top fashion designer, he’s always dressed in a uniform of a black t-shirt, black blazer, and jeans — which I never thought of before.

What he says makes sense, though — about how, when you’re younger, you try everything that’s in style and he doesn’t want to look back and wonder what the hell he was thinking.

You know what?

His uniform — and Tim’s, for that matter — works.

I was surprised when the judges were asked what was the worst outfit this season and everybody said the menswear challenge was horrible.

I know Heidi was just picking out images from her head, not really pointing a finger at Carmen, who sent her model down the runway without a shirt, but when she mentioned it, Carmen was clearly upset and stonily said, “Thank you Heidi.”

This was allowed to slip past.

Christian wins the fan favourite — which isn’t a surprise.

Special guest, Michael Knight from Season Three (and also the fan favourite from the last season) brings out the novelty cheque for $10,000.

I love novelty cheques. I wish someone would give me a novelty cheque.

“Cocktails for everyone!” Christian says, gleefully.

It’s hilarious when he says he really needed the money.

“OMG — I’m so poor,” he says.

Christian’s declaration of “fierce” rubs off on Tim and he’s shown using the same word.

No kidding.

I’ve been using it a little too much, too.

The show wraps up with the designers guessing who’ll win the challenge.

It’ll be Christian!

No, Rami!

No, Jillian!

The finale’s coming up…so exciting!

But it sucks ass that all that’s available now is that stupid Project Catwalk.

~ by justj on February 23, 2008.

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