Project Catwalk Season 3 – Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Similar to Project Runway Canada’s challenge of creating an outfit for charity — albeit, not as upscale in scope — this episode focused in on to create an outfit for the charity “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.”

At the beginning of the episode, when the designers meet with Kelly, the camera panned to Ross and I thought, “Holy shit. What the fuck is he wearing?”

He sort of looked like a Dr. Suess character come to life with a bizzare-looking top hat and hood. He looked like a crazy person.

And while Kelly’s outfit looked really cute on her, I thought she really needed to lose the headband with the bow — it made her look like Minnie Mouse.  

The seven designers meet with Nargess Gharani & Vanya Strok, who make up the ready-to-wear fashion label, Gharani Strok.

The duo informs them of the twist — the designers would be limited to working with 10 t-shirts with the charity’s logo as well as fabric in the same sahde of blue and white that’s in the ‘target’ logo to develop a ready-to-wear design.

What’s key is that they have to keep one target symbol featured in the design.

“We’re working on something that’s not fickle,” Clinton says, noting how he’s interested in the challenge.

Tom, on the other hand, says he’s uninspired — and I’m sorry, but he just comes off sounding like a total meathead when he says that.

“I’m just completely…blanked. I’m just not inspired — at all,” he says.

Viv, as usual — and in what seems to be a growing trend in the episodes — gets way too much coaching and help than she really ought to be.

I mean, if you’re a designer competing on this show, you need to show you’ve actually got the vision to create something that’s not only wearable but which looks good. Part of it’s about being really good at bringing the vision to life and having flawless sewing skills, but it all kicks off with the vision to begin with. If you don’t have it? I’m sorry, but you really need to go home — otherwise, you’re just a seamstress in a sweat shop, following orders.

Ben shows up with a wooden crate and announces that inside the box are embellishments that each designer can pick and choose from — for another designer.

Ross has this absolutely priceless  expression on his face — it’s sort of like how I can’t seem to hide whatever I’m feeling from showing on my face.

“I wasn’t entirely pleased with what Ross chose for me — I thought it was crap,” Jasper said tonelessly.

Ben opines that everyone was really good to each other, though the designers would probably disagree.

“I hate beads with a passion!” Tom says.

I don’t know why, but that made me laugh —  maybe because it was so passionless the way he said it.

Ben’s another one with great facial expressions, too. He cracks me up, ’cause he’s so different from Tim Gunn, who’s usually so poker-faced and dry with the way he delivers things.

I was somewhat surprised at how Ben was picking and choosing his words carefully when he was talking to Clinton — and what surprised me even more (and infuriated me, actually) was how, when Clinton solicited his opinion, he shied away for a change and said he didn’t want to give him too much direction because then it’d be a Ben de Lisi design.

How come Clinton gets told that, but not Viv? Is it really just a matter of Viv’s style and taste jivving more with Ben? Does he simply like her more as a result?

I’m totally appalled when I see Ben actually drawing out some ideas and actually playing around with the fabric and showing her how to do certain things.

I’ve found Chelsy to be completely spot-on when it comes to observing things.

“Viv’s getting way too much help. Ben sees something in her — which is great, but I think she should go away for a couple of years, work on her own and figure it out and then come back,” Chelsy says. “I don’t think it’s fair. He’s favouring Viv.”

I agree with her.

Switch to Clinton who struggles to choose the right words as he says, “To be honest, the more I talk about it, the more I sound like a bitter git.”

I really felt bad for him.

Katy, interestingly, disagreed and said that this whole thing about Viv and Ben was just being blown out of proportion and that Ben had also helped her out — and that, in the end, that’s his job: to give them guidance and direction.

I’m sorry Katy, but you don’t cut from one scene where Clinton’s asking Ben for some guidance and you see Ben holding his hands up and saying he doesn’t want to “help” to the point of making it his design and then cut to a scene where he’s actually drawing out a few ideas for Viv to look at.

What it comes down to is that key part where Ben was picking his words out carefully and saying something about “taste” and flashing back to a previous episode where Clinton was in the bottom three and Ben chides him for coming up with a “tasteless” design.

That being said, I think Ben’s doing this unconsciously.

Ben, I love you — I think you’re an amazing designer and you totally crack me up with some of the things you say, but, if you’re going to continue being the Project Catwalk mentor, I really think you need to take a look at how Tim Gunn and Brian Bailey mentor on the Project Runway shows and take a page out of their books.

The designers are later sent to meet and direct photographer, Dan Stevens, and their models to create an image that would provide the most impact in their picture.

While much hilarity ensues at the house with the designers playing dress up and taking pictures of each other, Clinton tells the camera that he’s made peace with the fact that Viv’s probably going to be in the final three, though he doesn’t think she deserves to be.

The photo session with Dan Stevens is interesting — they’ve set up shop at an upscale London house, where each room is decorated with a different theme. The designers only have 30 minutes with Dan and the help of stylists to prep their models and get them ready for the shoot.

Jasper wins the challenge with the disco theme:

All of the judges really loved what Nick called the “mod meets disco” design — and I think Jasper deserved the win as well.

The dresses I liked the most, though?

Ross’s design — I’d wear this. Definitely.

Katy also had a win with this:

I also loved Chelsey’s design — but oddly enough, (or maybe not so odd, considering how shit Sky One’s site is) there was no picture of her design. (Yet Jasper’s design was featured twice.)

I understood why Clinton’s dress was in the bottom three — the target symbol wasn’t prominent enough on the dress.

Paula, who, for a fashion editor, is dressed pretty blandly (in this particular episode), says that Clinton’s picture did nothing for the dress and that it just looked “cheap and nasty.”

Okay, let me say a few words about why I intensely dislike Paula Reed as a judge: she’s no Nina Garcia, who, when criticizing a designer’s outfit does so in a constructive way and shows that she’s pushing the designers to do their best.

With Nina, I feel like genuinely knows what she’s talking about — that she’s not throwing out nasty comments just for the “fun” of it.

Okay. That’s all about Paula.

Nick added that one arm looked bizzarely large and disproportionate to the other arm — double the size, in fact.

Viv also landed in the bottom three with this:

Paula thinks the dress clearly shows that Viv struggled with the brief.

Tom is bashed for his bland and boring design.

Nick cleverly says, “It is a target and he’s in the sightline.”

The judges debate over who to send home and Paula says that while Tom is probably a better designer, Clinton has more drive…and ultimately, that’s why Tom is sent home.

It was upsetting when Tom broke down crying after Ben delivered a rather moving little speech, saying how hard it was for him to be in the position of mentor and judge. (But then the uber-cold Ice Queen, Paula, ruins the moment and just blathers about how she finds Tom irritating. She doesn’t speak all that often, but when she does, I just wish she’d shut up.)

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