Project Catwalk Season 3 – Show Stopper Outfit

Here’s something different for this week — Jasper, being the winner last week, was given the opportunity to swap the models of his rival designers, and interestingly, he opted to swap Chesley and Viv’s models because he remembered that, if Chelsey were given the opportunity, she would rather have Viv’s model.

Viv says she was annoyed and feels he did it to help out Chelsey simply because she’s a fellow Canadian.

Damn straight.

Kelly tells the designers that their next challenge will involve a “musical muse” who’s a “very well-known singer with a very distinctive sense of style.”

Again, I’m flashing back on Project Runway Canada’s diva challenge, where the designers had to create a show-stopping outfit for opera singer, Measha Brueggergosman. (I had no idea who she was — but then again, I’m not a big fan of opera.)

The guessing game starts.

When Viv talks about how she used to be a big KISS fan back in the day and she hopes it’s Gene Simmons, all this elicits are blank stares — tinged with a twinge of disgust –from both Katy and Jasper.

But it’s not Gene Simmons — it’s pop singer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. (Don’t know who she is, either.)

Ross claims that she’s his muse and that ideally, she’s the kind of woman he likes to hang out with and marry one day.

She presents them with their task: to create an outfit for her UK tour.

Because she adores shoes, she suggests they pay a visit to footwear designer Walter Seiger and design from the bottom up, using the shoes they’ve chosen as a source of inspiration.

The designers are surprised at how challenging it is to start designing with the shoe and building an outfit around it.

Back at the design studio, Viv’s still clearly sour over Jasper’s decision to swap her model with Chelsey’s.

At this point, I wnat to pull a Tim Gunn on her and tell her in no uncertain terms that, if you’re a designer, you should be able to design for anybody and do a damn good job of it.

In short? You’d know how to make it work!

Instead, she goes on and on like a pouty four-year old, snidely making comments to Ross and anybody else willing ot listen that Jasper was unfairly helping out “Team Canada.”

Um, sort of like how Ben helps you out every week, basically carrying you from one challenge to the next? Sort of like that, Viv?

Jasper insists he wasn’t helping out Team Canada and that he was just picking arbitrarily. (But the long pause he made sort of made me want to say, “Learn how to lie better, boy.”)

“I will be sulking for quite awhile, so get used to it, guys,” Viv says.

Oh man, I just wanted to punch her in the face. I’m just not a fan of people who are so obviously bitter — it’s just not classy.

You know…I have to admit I’m not a big fan of the scenes that take place in the designers’ home. I feel it’s unnecessary and makes the designers seem like even bigger boobs than they really are — like, you don’t really take them all that seriously.

Anyways, the models show up and get the designers to dress up and do a catwalk show for them.

It was just embarrassing.

I prefer the scenes with Ben mentoring the designers.

He decides to take time out and chat with each of the designers to see where they’re at.

“Right now, as far as I’m concerned, none of you are safe,” he tells the designers.

He talks to Chelsey first and points out that she hasn’t won a challenge yet, saying that there isn’t any one thing that has pushed her outfits over the edge. This causes a few tears from Chelsey.

Clinton, whom I expected Ben to totally bash, is told, “I can’t put my finger on what we want to see — all I know is that we’re not seeing it.”

“I’m not one to give up — and I won’t,” Clinton says.

Jasper reveals that he wants to make it so that he can stand up and say that he’s someone — and when Ben asks who he’d like to say this to, Jasper answers that it’s his mother, who doesn’t know that he’s been with his partner for five years and that he’s gay.

“The twist here is that I’m not the only one to crit you this week,” Ben says. He brings in pop producer Gerry Deveaux, who has also styled many pop stars including Lenny Kravitz, Angie Stone, and Natalie Imbruglia.

Ben surprisingly tells Viv that nobody would be caught dead in the dress that she’s making — and once again, Ben helps her out by giving her too many suggestions.

Gerry tells her that a lot of his clients worry about being on the worst dressed list and Viv’s design might land Sophie on that list.

When they walked around to Jasper’s table and listen to his pitch, Gerry says, “Fierce!” sounding a lot like Christian.

You know what? I think Gerry actually did a really good job of mentoring the designers.

And, ahem, that’s all I ‘m going to say about that.

Ben is really harsh when he comes around to Katy’s work station and bluntly says that he doesn’t have any hope for the dress.

The designers are all visibly homesick and upset when they get messages from home.

I never really get this — it’s like when people go on Survivor and act like they’re never going home again.

Chelsey scores her first win with this dress:

I wasn’t crazy about this — the top just looked like gold foil wrapped on top and it looked cheap.

That being said, I hated most of the outfits that were trotted down the runway — and I can’t help but wonder how the Project Catwalk judges would be judging Project Runway contestants, instead, where the calibre of talent is just amped up a million times.

Jasper got high marks for this dress:

(I didn’t like it.)

Nick Ede commented that it looked like two different outfits and that it just didn’t work for him.

It looked bizzare to me, too — not tailored well, in my opinion.

Katy landed in the bottom with this:

Sophie thought the dress looked shapeless — which she’s right about.

(And as a side note, I thought that heart-shaped tattoo on her right arm was just so…ugh.)

“The sleeve looks like a peasant skirt sewn onto an arm hole,” Ben tells Katy, who refuses to take any criticism.

Ross’s dress was horrible — it looks like a poorly-made homemade maternity dress from back in the 60s.

Nick Ede tells him, “For something you’re going to see in a stadium — or whatever — I think it’s dead!”

Ben has what I feel is an en extremely over-the-top outburst of irrational frustration and anger towards Ross and even throws his hands up and huffs with a slight tremor in his voice.

(And that’s when I notice he’s wearing pink pants and white flip flops and I think, “Oh, nooooo.” This is why Michael Kors wears a standard uniform — it works and it saves you from having other people look at you and think, “You’re a fashion designer?”)

I have to say, I sort of admired Clinton when he curtly told judge, Paula Reed, “If you think it’s matronly, then don’t wear it.”

(And maybe the only reason I was especially pleased with this comment is because I can’t stand Paula Reed.)

As much as I can’t stand Paula, I agree with her on this one, though. The dress wasn’t show stopping by any means.

The judges are divided on who should be sent home.

I love it when Nick says that the person who should leave is Viv, while Paula, unsurprisingly wants Clinton to get the boot.

Clinton gets sent home.

~ by justj on March 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Project Catwalk Season 3 – Show Stopper Outfit”

  1. god, I hate the designers and their designs so much except for Jasper sometimes yet this show is such a trainwreck I can’t help watching it. What a horrible idea to have someone be both mentor and judge. What ugly and talentless designers. the only good ones are Canadian and the UK has good designers. I guess all the decent British designers didn’t want to be associated with this crap.

  2. You know, it’s interesting you should say that — I was reading through the message board on “Television Without Pity” the other day and someone wrote in about how fashion designers in the UK wouldn’t even think about appearing on Project Catwalk because they wouldn’t be taken seriously, whereas fashion designers in the US (and now in Canada) would probably see appearing on Project Runway as a legitimate way to launch their careers.

    That being said, it’s much easier to take a show seriously when you’ve got serious fashion contenders like Heidi Klum and Iman hosting the show, rather than someone like Kelly Osbourne, who, while pleasant as a host, is not someone I would think of if I heard the words, “fashion icon.”

  3. is there any chance of getting a pattern for clintons dress? although the dress didnt fit the crief atall ii really liked it, and was hoping to adapt it into a prom dress.

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