Project Runway Season 4 – Finale

“I don’t know if I can even describe any more how much I want to win — it makes me sick!” Christian giddily tells the camera.

It was interesting when Christian admitted that he was concerned with what Jillian and Rami thought about his work — he just wanted them to know that they were competing with a strong competitor.

Rami noted that Christian seemed surprised at what Rami was capable of, just by the look on his face when Rami was assembling his outfits.

I don’t know if that’s necessarily true — I mean, anybody who’s been watching Project Runway can attest to the fact that Rami is remarkably gifted. He’s just a little too predictable. I mean, he’s simply the guy who likes to drape his outfits. He does it flawlessly, of course, but you know what he’s going to produce.

When Tim checks in with the designers, it’s clear that he really cares about them and helping them to move forward with constructive criticism that makes them think — it’s not flat out, harsh bitchy BS that Ben de Lisi sometimes trots out on Project Catwalk.

This was made abundantly clear when Tim gave the designers a pep talk by saying that he was so proud of them, he didn’t even have enough words to express it.

Can you imagine Ben de Lisi saying something like that? (Okay…maybe. It’s just that, he’s been such a bitch on Project Catwalk this season that you have to wonder if he amped up the mean factor just to compensate for the fact that Julien MacDonald wasn’t around anymore.)

In Tim’s blog, he wrote this of the actual show:
It was chaotic, but organized chaos. I stood vigilantly at the entry/exit to the runway and in view of a video monitor, so that the designers and I could watch the show. And I share, parenthetically, that, owing to the fact that I wasn’t seated in the audience, there were press who reported, “Tim Gunn Glaringly Absent from Runway Show.” Don’t they know that I’m backstage? Haven’t they seen at least one of the three previous finales? I couldn’t possibly leave the designers to fend for themselves. And were I to do so, there’s no way that I could enjoy the show. They’re stuck with me!

It was strange seeing Christian a little unsure of himself. He graciously applauds both Jillian and Rami’s talent and admits, “It messes with my head!”

“Are you ready bitches?” Rami asked as they took off for a new day to meet with Collier Strong, the L’Oreal makeup expert.

The day before, they were busy casting for their shows and I was a little surprised that there wasn’t more of a bitch fight between the three. (Yeah. I was a little disappointed.)

“It’s not about comfort ladies,” Christian said as he got his models to try out the shoes he’d picked out.

Hilariously, he mentions he walked around in his shoebox apartment in those shoes — and if he can do it, then so can the models.

I agree with Christian when he said that Jillian was totally indecisive — the way she kept moaning about the models and switching them around.

When she started moaning about how horrible everything was, just bitching on and on, Rami asked her if she could just focus on the positive, instead.

“No, I can’t,” she moaned.

That — well, that’s annoying. I just can’t stand all of the bitching and moaning — I mean, why not just fucking deal with it, you know?

As Christian said: “Whatever. It’s her own fault.”

So, Christian had this one feather dress that was just hideous — I was like, “WTF?”

How cool was it seeing other reality TV “stars” in the crowd — especially Padma Lakshmi and Ted Allen from “Top Chef” (another really great “reality” competition where talent actually plays a big part in winning).

Okay, I know there’s a lot of hate out there for Victoria Beckham, but I thought it was uber-cool that she was the guest judge.

I thought she looked totally fabulous and not so Euro-trash like she has a tendency to look sometimes.

To take a look at the collections and judge for youself, click here.

Personally, I thought all three finalists did a really outstanding job.

Jillian’s coats were tailored and polished but I thought her gold dresses were a bit of a miss for me — very unflattering to the model’s body.

I though this piece was really classy and gorgeous.

But this? This was a total miss for me — I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind would wear this?

Rami’s colour palate was kind of boring, but I really loved some of his dresses (not so much the fuscia-coloured one on the Asian chick that was pretty shapeless) and blouses.

Hideous colour and totally unflattering to the model’s body.

I was, however, in love with this blouse. It just looked really elegant and classy.

I also loved this dress, though I didn’t really care for the colour.

Christian was a natural on the runway — totally at ease in front of the massive crowd.

I know a lot of people thought his collection was costumey and over-the-top, but I thought that it was the most cohesive and personally, there were more items in his collection that I would have naturally gravitated towards and wanted to buy.

I thought this was really dramatic and if I could pull this look off, I’d totally wear it.


This was hideous. She looked like an ostrich.

And what the fuck was he thinking with this?

“Whatever happens happens, but I need money. I need to pay the rent,” Christian said blithely.

“I thought it was very feminine — I can see your attention to detail,” Victoria said.

“The knitwear was surprising to see,” Michael Kors commented.

Heidi thought it was important to see things that she’d never seen before on the runway.

Nina noted that she took a chance, but felt there were “too many inspirations” and that, as a consequence, the collection looked very disjointed.

(See? The judges were constructive and not deliberately mean the way the Project Catwalk judges are, sometimes.)

Moving onto Christian…

“It was very much my taste,” Victoria told Christian. “So rather than saying ‘fierce’, I’d say it was ‘major’.”

Michael Kors thought it was powerful-looking and that the collection was cohesive, but that despite loving black as a colour, the attention to detail was lost as a result. You just couldn’t see it.

Nina agreed and said the collection got a little repetitive.

Victoria spoke up, though, and said that it may have seemed very monotonous in terms of the colour palate, but because it really spoke to her taste, she loved every minute of it.

“You really made me smile — and I’m not easy to make smile,” she told Christian.

Finally onto Rami…

Michael Kors thought Rami’s colour choice were “Brady Bunch colours” — he wasn’t a fan.

Heidi really loved the weaving technique on Rami’s clothes — but so did the other judges. They all praised him for his attention to detail.

Nina said that he has a very strong point-of-view and that his strength was clearly evening wear.

When the judges deliberated over who should win, I was so glad to hear about the thought process behind why they chose the winner. And when these people talk? You really know that they know what they’re talking about…and as a result, you can’t help but respect the judges’ decision, even if you don’t agree with them.

The winner is…


Seriously, though, is that really a surprise?

That being said, I feel like all of the designers, to varying degrees, will go on to bigger and better things and that Project Runway is simply a launching point for great careers.

I have to admit, I got pretty choked up when Christian had to hold back his tears and then broke down completely when Heidi announced that he won.

It was just so touching — I mean, hell, even Victoria Beckham cried. She brushed a cold, icy, frozen tear from her flawless cheek!

“I’m the youngest winner of Project Runway ever — it’s carzy,” he announced at the end. “But, hello, did you ever really have a doubt? I mean, c’mon — what up?”

When Tim came out to congratulate him, he asked, “Can you believe it?”

“Yeah!” Christian replied, breezily.

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