Project Catwalk Season 3 – Cabin Crew Makeover


Okay — so this episode doesn’t have a title.

Seriously. There wasn’t even a recap on Sky One. You do a quick search on the web and it’s just titled, “Episode 8.”

What’s up with that?

We’re down to the final five. 

“I need that prize money, really — so I’d better win it!” Ross says, smiling sheepishly at the camera.

I actually love what Kelly Osbourne was wearing when she dllivered this episode’s brief.

Wearing a long, greyish-beige sweater with a scarf draped around her neck, she looked really great. Chic, really.

The designers are off to Exeter Airport and Ross correctly guesses that the challenge will be to redesign the uniform for Fly Be — and if the winning design jives with what they’re looking for, then the new uniforms could be in use for the next five years.

 “Like a guy could have worn that jacket. It was just so shapeless,” Katy says.  

The designers are asked to “test” the current uniforms and for the first time, I actually realized that Project Catwalk is the only one out of the three Project Runway shows that have these stupid scenes where the designers just goof around and do these hammy bits for the camera.

You see the designers hopping out of the emergency exit and pretending to be freaked out passengers…and I can’t help but think, “Why? Why can’t y’all just get to the nuts and bolts of designing?”

Chelsey, en route back to the workshop, is curled up and pouting, whining about how the challenge is too restrictive and there’s just no room for innovation.

I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

If you’re a good designer, you should be up for a challenge like this. It’s really as simple as that.

The narrator (something that takes getting used to) declares this to be the most technical and difficult challenge yet.

Viv admits that she finds it’s a “real” test because she’s nothing more than a dressmaker and hasn’t really designed a jacket before.

Again, we’re shown clips of the designers bitching about how Viv’s not ready to do a collection. Chelsey even declares that if Viv is in the final three, she doesn’t want to be in it.

Ben is brought in to “clear the air” and he actually calls out Ross and Chelsey for thinking that Viv doesn’t belong in the competition. He proceeds to chew them out, which I thought was oh-so-inappropriate.

Ben: Please, please, please watch the way Tim Gunn and Brian Bailey mentor on Project Runway and Project Runway Canada respectively. This is how a mentor is supposed to be.

 “I think my having chat with them makes them understand the chance is anyone’s,” he says. “It’s a very even footing as far as I’m concerned.”


He plays favourites and he won’t cop up to it — which is incredibly maddening, ’cause anybody with any ounce of sense can see that he’s doing this.

Everybody knows it except for him.

Pam Ann is brought in “help” the designers with their designs.

I have no stinking clue who she is. The narrator clues me in by saying she’s this comedian who does this bit about how stewardesses used to symbolize glamour. (I’m rolling my eyes into the back of my head at this point.)

Chelsey delcares the visit from Pam Ann as the boost she needed and while she tries to glamourize the uniform, Ross decides that it’s better to stick to something a bit more corporate.

Everybody’s homesick — you’d think they were all serving life sentences in prison or something, instead of being given the opportunity to jump start their careers. That being said, something interesting I’ve read about Project Catwalk is that designers in the UK don’t seem to think of it as a serious jumping point for their careers — whereas American and Canadian designers see Project Runway as a great chance to launch their careers.

I think the liberal tweaks that Sky One has implemented to Project Catwalk and the departures from the Project Runway format have done nothing but make Project Catwalk a joke — which is a shame, because, judging from the number of hits that I get on this site, it seems like a lot of people from the UK actually do watch this show and are interested in finding out what’s happening.

Personally? I think Chelsey’s design looked sort of childish. You have colour patches on top of a dress with a jacket. It was kind of boring.

Can’t put up a picture here ’cause SkyOne didn’t bother to post it. (Which makes no sense.)

I quite liked Jasper’s uniform — it seemed to hark back to the sexiness of the 1940s. I would have liked to have seen this outfit win.

“Sexy, smart and glamorous,” Nick Ede declared.

Paula thought it worked on the catwalk but wasn’t sure how it would translate in the real world.

At this point, though, I take everything she says with a grain of salt because I get the impression that Grazia magazine isn’t exactly a style Bible the way Vogue or Elle might be considered to be.

I disagreed with what the judges had to say about Ross’s uniform. I really wish I could post up a picture here, but SkyOne hasn’t bothered to put up all of the designers’ outfits in the photo gallery.

I thought it was practical and more in keeping with what would really happen in the “real world” if a designer was asked to redesign an uniform. I mean, I understand Chelsey wanted to show off her designing chops but I do think that, as a designer who’s hired to redesign a corporate uniform, you have to stick to what’s been asked of you.

Nick plays the whole, “Who do you think should go?” card.

It’s obvious that most people think Viv should go and Ben even starts pointing out all the things that are wrong with her outfit.

On to Katy… 

“When you fail, I fail,” Ben tells Katy after he berates her for the ill-made jacket.

The girl actually starts fighting back and points out that it’s a design competition, not a dressmaking competition, arguing that, her design is strong. I think Ben realizes she’s got him there, ’cause he doesn’t say anything and just bites down on his pen and nods.

Good for Katy.

That said, I don’t agree with Kelly when she says that it’s “fresh.” I actually have a shirt just like that and I’m pretty sure I’d be able to find a skirt just like that in any old store and then tie a red scarf around my neck — but why would I?

Kelly does the whole fake out by telling Katy that the judges all hated her jacket and she’s really sorry to have to say this, but they really loved the rest of the outfit and that she’s won.

I don’t get it.

The bottom two are Viv and Ross but the judges opt not to eliminate anyone and decide to eliminate two designers next week instead.

Stay tuned…

~ by justj on March 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Project Catwalk Season 3 – Cabin Crew Makeover”

  1. i am addicted to Project Runway. besides, i love tim gunn!
    so i was thrilled to discover there was a london version… but oh/woe/and no. Project Catwalk is such a disappointment. firstly the designers are not as good or as experienced. then there’s ben de lisi. if the show has the best of the UK’s next young designers, why does the “mentor” have to enable and then shame the designers? then there’s kelly osborne, no one i’d ever associate with fashion. and julian macdonald is just nasty. i realise “the weakest link” host’s style was much more UK than US but a catwalk/runway reality show created to feature young designers doesn’t seem to be the best place for such mean-ness. please, please, send out trinny and susannah to rescue this series. or send in the fab five to make us martinis, charm us, AND bring us style.

    when season three’s group were running around with bleach and tea, i decided i’d wait for canada’s version.

    i can’t even watch PC any more just to catch the occasional glimpse of london. such a disappointemnt


  2. My addiction, sadly enough, is so complete that I must continue to watch Project Catwalk right to the very end.

    I find it very interesting that the final three is comprised of two Canadians. (Post still to come.) Having seen Project Runway Canada, though, I know that neither Chelsey or Jasper would have had much of a chance of getting into the final three of PRC.

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