Project Runway Canada Alumns Show At L’Oreal Fashion Week

Evan Biddell kicked off L’Oreal Fashion Week on Monday with his fall collection — and I think everybody (who watched Project Runway Canada at least) was eager to see what he’d come up with away from the show and with the time and creative freedom to do whatever the hell he wanted.

You can watch a fabulous interview on Fashion Television with Biddell and the always great Jeanne Beker.

“I just kinda spew out things that come into my head and trying to pull it all together is what I struggle with the most,” he said.

He cites mentor, Wayne Clarke as being a major influence who advised him to have fun throughout the whole experience.

The fall collection, he says, was made with sustainable fabrics that were environmentally friendly — which was a real challenge in itself.

Jeanne Beker dubs it a strong collection — and you know, Jeanne Beker knows a thing or two about fashion.

[All images are by George Pimentel Photography from the L’Oreal Fashion Week site.]




On Tuesday, runner-up, Lucian Matis, also showed a collection.

I always liked Lucian on Project Runway Canada and there was never any doubt that he was really talented — but I’ll admit I was still rooting for Biddell to win in the end. Lucian just seemed to have this frou frou flare to him that made his clothes seem — well, like clothes you wouldn’t normally wear.

But after seeing his basic black collection?

It makes me wish I had enough fancy occassions to step out in one of his gowns.

Apparently, he took off to visit China right after Project Runway Canada wrapped up and his first trip to the Orient inspired him.

In a Fashion Television interview, Matis had this to say:

“We’ve seen so much embellishment lately with designers in Paris and New York. I wanted to get way from that and simplify things,” says Matis. “Everything is sophisticated. Everything is modern yet timeless. But with all that’s been happening in the world today I wanted to inspire women in a different way,” says Matis. “I wanted to let the clothes be still and let women get away from all that fashion noise.”






Project Runway Canada judge, Shawn Hewson, and partner, Ruth Promislow, also showcased their collection for their clothing line, Bustle on Tuesday.

What I really dig is the fact that both Hewson and Promislow used to be Bay Street lawyers who decided to create a sportswear line.

On the Fashion Television site, Bustle’s fall line is described as:

With a tongue-in-cheek tone that’s all baccarat and Bond, high-rolling rakishness is the rage at Bustle for Fall 2008.



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