Project Catwalk Season 3 – The Final Challenge


Is it just me or is it supremely weird that Kelly Osbourne sets the stage for their brief about a celebrity who’s known for always changing her style — and she’s really talking about herself? I mean, why not cut to the chase and just simply say, “Your next challenge is to design an outfit for me?” It’s what Iman did in the final challenge for Project Runway Canada and even what Liz Hurley did in the first season of Project Catwalk.

Guesses as to who they’re designing for range from everyone but Osbourne.

When Jasper suggests Posh Spice (oh, please — she’ll make an appearance on Project Runway, but are you seriously suggesting she’d lower herself to make a guest appearance on Project Catwalk?), Ross just screws up his face in disgust.

The designers meet celebrity stylist, Jade Bien-Aimee Sutherland, at the Bluebird Cafe, who provided tips by showing off some of the gowns previously worn by this mystery celebrity, who Sutherland describes as having “impeccable taste.”

To be fair, the dresses on display are nice.

And then who shows up?

“When Kelly walked through the door, I thought, ‘Oh no, not Kelly Smelly!’,” Ross groans, “jokingly”. (Wanna bet that’s what he was really thinking? All of the designers seemed less than enthused when Kelly walked in. Only Katy managed to do a weak, “Oh! Yay!” while everyone else )

He tries to save himself by saying that she’s a “fantastic” dresser.

(Let’s not exaggerate, Ross. Kissing up just isn’t becoming of you.)

I thought Jasper was the most thoughtful when questioning Kelly — especially by observing what she’s worn in the past and then asking what she would consider taking a risk on. With Chelsey, Katy, and Ross, I felt like she was providing them mini critiques of what she’s seen from them in the past. (Viv just needed yet another pep talk…which is unacceptable. At that age, you’ve just really got to learn to believe in yourself, already.)

You know what?

Ben shows up to provide the final mentoring session — I find it hilarious that he does these mini psychological assessments of the remaining designers. When talking about Jasper, he even says that Jasper has the potential to be a genius, but the confidence of a boy, citing his various issues with his sexuality, etc.

For the first time, I actually see Ben mentoring, by providing useful suggestions to Jasper, without telling him exactly what to do — which is something he’s done over and over again with Viv.

Ben has a surprisingly emotional moment when he breaks up and tells the designers to make him proud.

In a twist, the designers meet up with judges Paula and Nick at the Royal Academy of Arts, the venue for the Project Catwalk finale.

Paula tells them that they brought the designers to the Royal Academy of Arts to show them where it’s all happens for On/Off — which shows during London Fashion Weeks and bridges the gap between on and off schedule designers.

Nick emphasizes the improtance of showing at this venue, where they’ll have the opportunity to be seen by some major players in the fashion industry.

Chelsey claims that if Viv’s in the final three, she’s going to walk off the catwalk.

Um, yeah. Right.

Seriously — if you’re given the opportunity to present at London Fashion Week, are you really going to pass it up just because someone less deserving is going to be showing, too?

I don’t think so.

As usual, SkyOne didn’t have all the dresses featured in the gallery. (And they also had a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes in their recap.)

Chelsey, who won the challenge, didn’t make an extraordinary gown (in my opinion).

I though the big white bow in the back looked silly and the dress from the front didn’t look outstanding or interesting enough to land Kelly on the “best dressed” list.

“I thought it was a stunning dress, however, I don’t see many people under 5’11” carrying all of that sculpture off,” Paula said.

For once, I actually agree with her and think she’s tactfully telling Kelly that the dress probably wouldn’t look good on her. But Kelly has obviously made up her mind.

“I can see anyone wanting to wear that to the Oscars,” Kelly says.

I can’t help rolling my eyes in disgust when Chelsey starts tearing up on the catwalk and then boldly states that the reason she’s crying is because she’s so proud…of herself.

The judges all murmur that she should be.

If I was a judge? I would have just sat there and said nothing.

What a stupid, brash thing to say.

Next up is Ross and Aimee tells Kelly that it definitely looks like something she would wear — and I think that this says a lot, considering she’s a personal friend of Kelly’s and has dressed her for events.

But Ben disagrees and you know he’s just out to boot Ross off the competition because he simply doesn’t like him.

“For me, I thought it was a bit sober,” Ben says.

I just feel like, when Ross was talking about his dress, that he’d actually given a lot of thought to his client — as he did in the previous challenge — and that I think it’s a mistake for the judges to fault him for that. Isn’t a designer supposed to think about his client’s best interests?

Viv’s dress isn’t necessarily a hit with the judges, either.

Once again, Paula is tactfully telling Kelly that the dress probably wouldn’t look good on her. The sheer volume of the ballerina-skirt probably wouldn’t do Kelly any favours, Paula says.

Aimee agrees and says that a woman with an ample bust probably wouldn’t look very good in the dress, simply because the plates on the top of the dress would just emphasize the breasts — and not in a good way.

Kelly, however, liked the colour.

I liked it when Nick point blank asked Viv, “Are you a one-trick pony?”

(Isn’t that what everyone was thinking? And ultimately, I couldn’t help wondering why in the world they opted to give her a chance to show at On/Off.)

When they get to Jasper, the judges are unanimous in saying they don’t think the dress would suit Kelly.

Nick points out the tie and says that Britney Spears did this exact look three years ago and that it was bad then, and nobody needs to see it again.

Nick is similarly disappointed by Katy because it seems like she didn’t really rise to the challenge.

I’d have to agree.

Look at it — it’s too simple and boring:

In the end, Chelsey’s tears and “I’m so proud of myself” declaration actually wins the judges over. (Insert groan of disgust.)

Chelsey wins and is in for Fashion Week.

Viv’s design, which is a rehashing of a dress she’s done before, is something that Kelly really asked for.

The judges believe Viv is a bit of a wild card, but that they’re excited to see what she can produce.

Viv’s in.

When the final spot is between Jasper and Ross, the judges disagree about who to put in that final.

I feel like the judges made a mistake putting Viv in the final three — it should have been Ross, Chelsey and Jasper.

I think the judges knew they’d made the wrong decision, too — why else were there tears when Ross walked off, dejected and sad-looking?

He’s a talented designer. He understands the importance of listening to the client. And the fact that I’m going to defend him when I’ve largely hated most of what’s been produced out of Project Catwalk this season says a lot.

But we’ll see…onto the final episode.

~ by justj on March 21, 2008.

One Response to “Project Catwalk Season 3 – The Final Challenge”

  1. I watched every episode up to the final, where they chose to send Ross home. Up until that the show was lots of fun, except for the nasty and discouraging “mentoring”. It was depressing to see such unfairness and mean spirited decision making, with the so called mentor dealing his final blow. Shame on the judges. Viv should have gone home, and everyone knows it. Please give us updates on Ross, that quiet and gentle natured artist with enough skills and talent to win the whole show, if he’d had the chance. That episode ruined it all for me. Project Catwalk lost all integrity on that night.

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