Project Catwalk Season 3 – Finale

First off?

My apologies for the fact that there will be no pictures in this post.

It seems like nobody really takes Project Catwalk seriously — as evidenced by the fact that there’s absolutely nothing floating around on the web about the winner.

The finale kicks off with a montage of what’s happened over the course of the whole competition thus far and I’m a little surprised that I managed to stick it out for as long as I did.


I’ve finally reached the 10th and final episode — thank Christ.

That being said, I’ll probably wind up watching again if Project Catwalk resurfaces for a fourth season.


In the vain hopes that it’ll get better.

There’s plenty of potential for this show to get better.


Cut out the narration.


Stop using Ben de Lisi as a mentor and maybe have him as a judge instead.


Get a mentor who can follow the fine examples set by Tim Gunn and Brian Bailey — mentors who know how to guide rather than dictate to certain designers how they should finish their outfits.


Get a real fashion contender to play host. I didn’t think Liz Hurley was horrible as the first host and she’s got the fact that she’s a former model working in her favour. But that being said, you need to have someone who’s actually known in the fashion industry and who’s well-respected.


There needs to be more of a focus on the designers actually designing and constructing their outfits. Project Catwalk needs to follow the cookie-cutter mould set by Project Runway and never deviate from that. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Okay…now that this is out of my system, let’s get onto the recap.

I’m still annoyed that Viv is in the final three when Ross was obviously more deserving.

They show Ben de Lisi showing his collection at On/Off — this is how the professionals do it, after all. I have to admit, I like this part — though I wasn’t terribly crazy about everything that I saw int he collection.

The designers are given £5,000 to design a collection of 12 outfits.

Kelly drops by to visit the designers and first up is Chelsey.

When they show the montage of all the outfits that Chelsey has designed throughout the competition and when I’m reminded of the ugly, garrish costumes she’s thrown out there, I find myself thinking, “Why is she in the final three?”

Kelly even says, “I don’t know if she can do high fashion.”

I don’t know about that, either.

Chelsey went to Venice for inspiration and she says the vivid colours fit her style — but judging from what I’ve seen on the show, I can’t help but wonder if “ugly” is her style.

I think it’s a mistake that Kelly was the one who went to visit the designers — like Project Runway and Project Runway Canada, it should have been the mentor. It should have been someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Next up is Viv — and I have to admit that her evening dresses were actually pretty nice.

Kelly admits that she never really saw Viv being in the final.

Both Viv and Kelly are sporting shorter hair styles and I have to say — it works on Kelly, but not so much on Viv.

Kelly looks very Goth and pasty…but as I said: it works.

Viv has gone to the historic seaside town of Whitby, on the northeast coast of England, for inspiration. She says she’s inspired by vampires (seeing as Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in Whitby) and explains to Kelly that she liked the idea of an “erotic” look with an open neck.

She’s looking for short and sexy.

Kelly is impressed but worries that some of it looks a bit too “80s”.

Last up is Jasper, whom Kelly worries might take things too far.

The narrator explains that all of the designers are allowed some help and Jasper looks like he’s set up a sweat shop full of fashion students.

Jasper went to the home of Salvador Dali in Spain for inspiration and he says he likes the “surreal, whimsical” aspect of what he’s seeing.

He wants the collection to be “shocking and modern” and I’m thinking, “Oh no.”

The one thing I’ve never really liked the fact that he’s so flighty and the way he talks is so…unconfident. It just makes you want to smack him really hard, you know?

Kelly confesses that she doesn’t like the collection one bit and that it’s a shame because she really likes Jasper as a person.

How funny is it that two of the final three are Canadians?

I know I’ve said it before, but there’s just no way in hell that Jasper or Chelsey would have even made it onto Project Runway Canada — and if they had, they would have been booted out fairly early in the game.

I mean, can you imagine either of them passing muster with the divine Iman?

I don’t think so.

All three designers pay a visit to mentor Ben’s home.

Viv says that she hopes Ben likes her collection, but that if he doesn’t, he’ll lie about it.


Ben thinks that the same skirt that Kelly thought looked hideous is “gorgeous.” He’s enthusiastic about Jasper’s collection but notes his one downfall is that if the garments don’t fit the models exactly, then the embellishments on the outfits will just made the models look broader than they really are.

Chelsey doesn’t arrive with outfits — just pictures and samples of the cloth. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had as much time to work on her garments — she’s working three jobs to make the rent, after all. Unlike Jasper, who I’m not sure how he’s being bankrolled in all of this — and I’m not about to speculate and say shit where that’s concerned — Chelsey has been fitting in time around her jobs to work on her collection.

Ben notes that time is a huge factor here and it’s understandable why Chelsey starts to cry when she admits how stressed she is.

(But it’s inexplicable how he’ll bring up the fact that Jasper’s been working 24/7 on his collection,which causes a bit of panic in Chelsey — but then turns around and says, “Oh, but don’t think about what the others are doing.”)

It cracks me up when Jasper gives one of the models direction on how to dress.

I really love the fact that Chelsey insists on using some plus-sized models — I think that’s just fabulous, actually. I mean, not all of us are skinny ass bitches, you know?

When they flip back to showing the designers hard at work, they show Viv’s kids — holy shit, are they ever cute or what? It’s so sweet how much they believe in their mother.

When the three designers start showing off their collections, I’m horrified.

All three are uniformly atrocious.

So, in a way, I feel like it’s the pot calling the kettle black when Chelsey’s going on and on behind Viv’s back about how she’s undeserving of showing at London Fashion Week.

Hey — I’ve seen both your collections and they’re equally amateurish and hideous, so let’s just say you both aren’t ready to show at Fashion Week and leave it at that.

I really hated the fact that Chelsey didn’t have the guts to tell Viv to her face that she didn’t think Viv was deserving in the final three. If you’re going to go on and on about it, and go as far as to say in a previous episode that you don’t want to be showing at Fashion Week if she’s there, then you should have the cajones to say it to her face, you know?

Jasper’s family flies in from Canada — it’s the first time he’s seeing them in two years. It’s obvious that he’s nervous — he keeps biting down on his bottom lip as he’s talking.

His mother tells him she’s very proud of him — I can’t help wondering, though, if they’re really that oblivious and don’t realize that he’s gay.

Onto the show…

Chelsey’s collection looks cheap and too simple.

Viv’s collection looks cheap and ill-fitting.

Jasper’s collection looks cheap and tacky.

When Zandra Rhodes said she couldn’t believe the quality from Jasper’s collection and waxed enthusiastic about it, I thought, “I couldn’t believe the quality either — it was cheap and tacky.”

Ben tells Chelsey that, despite the fact that she tried to show that she could cater to every woman, you can’t be a master of everything.

He has a point.

I was surprised when Nick told Viv that one of her dresses looked quite cheap. Bravo Nick! Tell it as it is.

Kelly tells Jasper that she saw very little practicality in his outfits.

No shit.

The outfits were far from “inspirational” as he put it. No, that’s not true. It inspired nausea.

In the end, Jasper wins — and I have to say…I didn’t really care who won this show, because I thought everyone, in the end, showed very little true talent.


~ by justj on March 22, 2008.

8 Responses to “Project Catwalk Season 3 – Finale”

  1. I missed this finale- any idea where I can find it to watch online? I’m trying hard not to read this post, but I have to agree that there is no way Viv should have been in the final 3. We hate Viv in this house.

  2. You might want to try Youtube.

    Click on this link and they’ll have the final episode divvied up into 5 parts:

  3. here’s the season online

  4. Excuse you
    you must be a yank to come out with such crap
    project catwalk is five hundred times more better than project runway
    they actually have talent
    the Americans are the tacky ones… oh Christian why not do some more ruffles
    no ingenuity/ talent
    You obviously dont no couture from walmart
    Jaspers collection would be fit on a dior or larcoix runway
    but maybe you don’t no who they are

    • And apparently, you don’t know proper grammar or spelling.

      It’s “know” — not “no”; and it’s “Lacroix” not “Larcoix.”

      If Project Catwalk was “five hundred times” better than any of the other Project Runway incarnations, then why has it been cancelled?

      This blog is about my own personal opinions about what was presented on the show. If you don’t agree with what I’ve written, then don’t read this site. It’s really as simple as that.

  5. its a shame theres no more seasons sky 1 cancelled it 😦

  6. i am watching repeats on sky3 and i am in shock that viv is in the final she does not deserve it she is a terrible designer and she got special treatment the whole way through from Ben and the show, Ben should not be a presenter because he is immature and childish as well as completely biased, his voice goes through me and he gives special treatment to the weakest (viv) and hates everyone else…… project runway is way better yaaay TIM GUNN, boooooooo Ben de Lisi you are rubbish!!!

  7. It really is true, for Pc and for shows like Britains Next Top Model – over here in the UK no one will take you seriously if you get your break on a TV show. Exceptions seem to be gaining ground in the music business, but definitely not cutting it with the fashion world. In short, if you’re good enough, you just don’t need to compete on Project Runway, or to judge. I wish they had a London fashion designer to mentor the designer’s and that they recruited more heavily from the plentiful fashion students. Sadly UK TV is a bit obsessed with showing ‘personality’. Which generally equates to sob stories of overdramatice fantasies involving a totally misunderstood description of a hard-done-by working-class upbringing. As if they even know what that means!

    Also, we’re just far too cynical over here – is that apparant?

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