Project Runway Madness Starts Again

So, not only has the fifth season of Project Runway started, but Project Runway Australia has ventured out for its first airing last week — exciting!

Model Kristy Hinze takes on hosting duties.

I have no clue who she is — I mean, in Canada, we lucked out by bagging the divine Iman as host for Project Runway Canada, so that holds some weight. Just look at Project Catwalk, the UK version of the show — personally, I think that when you have someone like Kelly Osbourne as host, it’s not the same.

Yeah, Kelly is sweet and nice and all that jazz, but she’s not Iman — fashion goddess and idol, you know?

But, you know what?

I love Project Runway so much that I don’t really care where it airs — I think the show translates pretty well no matter what…well, as long as you have designers with talent.

Talent should always be the qualifier.

Project Runway Season 5 and Project Runway Australia Season 1 recaps to follow!

Here’s an article from Perth Now to provide a bit of a primer on Project Runway Australia.

Fashion elite join Project Runway Australia

AT a delightful evening at Japanese restaurant Nobu in Melbourne’s Crown Casino, the judges for Project Runway Australia were announced.

Fashion industry experts Henry Roth, Sarah Gale and Jayson Brunsdon will join host Kristy Hinze on Arena’s Project Runway Australia.

Australian designer Henry Roth has spent the past 10 years in New York working on his own label and has featured on US television programs such as Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, The View, Extra, and Style Court where he spent two years as a judge. Roth is the man who will mentor the Project Runway Australia designers designers and help guide the search for our next big name in fashion.

Sarah Gale has spent almost 25 years as a buyer for some of the Australia’s largest retail companies. If you’ve bought an item of clothing in this country lately – Sarah has probably put it there. She is a trend forecaster in fashion around the world and regularly speaks at Melbourne’s School of Fashion. As a judge on the Project Runway Australia series, Gale will cast her commercial eye over the contestants’ designs right alongside industry veteran Jayson Brunsdon.

Brunsdon is a leader in the Australian fashion industry and one of our most prominent and successful designers. He has dressed everyone from INXS to Princess Mary and Linda Evangelista. His collections are currently sold in 10 countries around the world.

Australian supermodel Kristy Hinze will preside over the catwalk on Project Runway Australia which begins production in Melbourne this week. The cut-throat fashion reality series is scheduled to premiere in July, exclusively on Arena.

The fourth season of US hit Project Runway is currently screening on Arena on Monday at 6.30pm and is the most successful season to date with audiences up a massive 57 per cent on the previous season. The series continues to build its audience each week with this Monday night episode attracting the highest audience to date across all seasons.

~ by justj on July 18, 2008.

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