Project Runway Australia – Episode 5

You know what surprises me? Mark was surprised he wasn’t booted off the last challenge.

“I live to sew another day,” he tells the camera.

Henry introduces the designers to Rae Morris, the makeup director for L’Oreal Paris, who provides the gang with their latest challenge: drawing inspiration from the mood board and colour palate of L’Oreal’s spring colours, the designers are to create a spring colleciton inspired by Euoropean 60’s glamour.

Working as one unit to create a collection, none of the designers is happy with this idea.

Lui puts it like this: with so many designers, it’s hard to find mutual ground to create a cohesive look.

After a bit of discussion, they decide to have a theme of “Roman Holiday” and then each designer went off to design their own outfit for a lady’s holiday.

Collectively, they have $1,000 to spend on fabric and you practically hear the dollar signs and the ring of cash registers rolling in the designers’ heads.

Here’s the twist, though: only three designers get to go get fabric — for everybody.

Mark fucking cracks me up when he says, “I’m the best person to go because I don’t dawdle. I just do it. I just do it.

That’s sort of how I am, too — it’s all about focus, baby.

While Helen’s charged with getting fabric for herself, Leigh and Brent, that leaves Petrova handling Lui’s fabric along with her own and Mark dealing with Juli’s fabric.

When the rest of the designers back in the studio gather around to look at what was purchased, Juli is devestated with what Mark has chosen for her.

What’s interesting is that, on the Project Runway site, in lieu of a “real” episode recap, you get these blog entries from the “Runway Assassin.” Have no idea who that is, but it’s deliciously bitchy (and riddled with grammar no-nos that makes the editor in me cringe with shame for the poor soul who thinks they can get away with it).

Here’s what the Runway Assassin had to say about the so-called “sabotage” (with cleaned-up grammar courtesy of your’s truly):

…it turns out it was Mark who sabotaged Juli’s fabric and quite frankly as smart as it was of Mark to do that (it is a game after all), I thought it was really nasty. One word Mark: K-A-R-M-A. And believe me — it will come back to bite your ass.

Okay, maybe I’m being naive here, but it didn’t seem like Mark did it on purpose — he didn’t seem as invested in finding the right fabric for Juli as he was for himself, but he didn’t seem like he’d gone there with the intention of kicking her out of the competition.

Yes, Juli was upset about it and she may have thought that someone would sabotage her, but I don’t think Mark intended to…and if he did, he sure as hell wasn’t as stupid to say it on camera.

“Polyester is the foulest fabric to work with. It just bounces back. I’ve never worked in polyester,” Juli says.

Sweet little Petrova, who’s style is very 60s-influenced, offers up some styling tips and advice to the other designers, helping to show Juli how to drape fabric and also provide some pointers to Lui, who flatout admits that the 60s look isn’t what he’s into.

Mentor Henry Roth comes into the workroom and as always, he provides useful tips — like when he tells menswear designer, Brent, to watch for “crotch watch” in the pants…that things should fit where they need to.

Henry has concerns about how cohesive Petrova’s outfit might be with the rest of the collection. A quick look around the workroom and you can see how everybody is within the same colour palate…whereas Petrova doesn’t seem to be.

Helen causes Petrova’s jaw to drop when she overhears Helen sleepily announce to Henry that she’s happy to be mediocre — that she doesn’t care if she wins.

She’s fine with not winning any of the challenges as long as she makes it to the final three to show a collection.

This rasies an eyebrow from Henry, who expresses his concern about her strategy.

“I would, like, kill myself if somebody told me I was mediocre — and she’s happy to be mediocre! It makes me very angry,” Petrova says — and I agree with her completely.

Like, why bother doing this competition if you’re not serious about winning every challenge and showing the judges — and everybody who’s watching this show — that you’re a force to be reckoned with; that you have a unique style that hasn’t been seen in the fashion world as of yet and that with each challenge, you’re teasing us with more of what you bring to the table.

Thankfully, Helen takes Henry’s advice when he says that she has time to make something else because what he’s look]ing at looks tired.

By the time Henry moves over to Lui and we’re looking at what Lui has begun to design, Helen has really kind words for Lui’s design, stating that she can see where he’s going with the outfit — that she can see Jackie O. wearing it and that hopefully, the judges will, too.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the way the designers are more than willing to give praise to each other (when it’s deserved) is just really awe-inspiring.

Henry later announces that the designers and their models will be going out on the town later that night to market themselves — and whoever manages to impress Confidential reporter, Sophie Falkner, the most at the party will have immunity on the runway.

That, unfortunately, only leaves designers two hours to finish their garments.

Leigh’s outfit, though, is super super cute — a tad short, but I love it.

Here’s a sketch:

It’s Leigh’s birthday and it’s clear that he was getting a little tipsy as the night wore on — he was friggin’ hilarious to watch, though.

I thought that his over-the-top mugging for the camera might have led to Leigh being chosen for immunity, but instead, when the designers open the paper, they find a picture of Brent with his model.

Onto the runway show…God, I don’t even know where I read it now, but somewhere, floating around on the Internet, is an article where someone (probably a producer for Project Runway Australia) actually says that Kristy Hinze is a better host than Heidi Klum or Iman.


The slow, deliberate, robotic way in which Kristy Hinze speaks does not in any way, shape, or form make her a good host — nevermind being “better” than Heidi Klum or Iman.

I know you’re proud of the way Project Runway Australia has turned out — God knows I’d be the first in line to say this inaugural season even beats the current season of the US version — but Kristy Hinze is boring, boring, boring.

Poor Juli’s model tries to do the best she can with her outfit, but when her too-big shoe comes flying off, she kicks the other shoe off as well and then abruptly walks off the stage to have her shoes sticky taped to her feet before she walks down the runway again.

The model later explains that the shoes were stretched the night before when Leigh, in his tipsy state, took the shoes and stretched them.

The look of mortification on Leigh’s face is priceless and I almost die laughing.

THe judges are pretty harsh with the model for not being more professional.

Lui wins, after winning universal praise from the judges and his fellow contestants, who declare him a genius.

Poor Petrova’s outfit is declared “un-60s.”

Muchas gracias to qiriri:

~ by justj on August 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Project Runway Australia – Episode 5”

  1. Kristy is as wooden as a bench. I also can’t stand listening to Mark, mute button when he’s on. He seems so fake and acting all queeny like. esp when he says ” MAAAANNNNNNNN….” PUKE

    He really should have been the one to go last week. I don’t know if Lui’s a fashion genius or not but his design really was nice, deserved to win.

    And I agree, so far PRA has been more interesting than PRUS, especially since PRUS awarded best designs to two or three ugly designs and skipped the obviously better ones. Maybe they did that to keep the viewers guessing or something duh.

  2. i don’t mind kirsty. she’s quite elegant. i’ve seen worse presenters!
    the current US show is lacklustre so far – maybe it’ll get better though.

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