Project Runway Season 5 – Welcome To The Jungle

Okay, here’s a confession: I actually like Lipstick Jungle. (More than I liked Cashmere Mafia, though I’ll confess to watching both when they were on the air.)

When Heidi tells the designers that they’ll be designing for a high-powered and glamourous professional woman, Blayne tells the camera that he really hopes it isn’t Hilary Clinton because he would never win if he designed a neon pantsuit.

Idiot. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate him.

No offense, but do you really think that someone like Hilary Clinton is ever going to show up on a show like Project Runway when this was probably filmed whilst she was running in the Democratic leadership race?

Okay, I get that he’s trying to come off as funny and clever and whatever but he’s such a fucking moron that all I really want to do is throw a pair of shears at his head.

Brooke Shields is brought in to announce the challenge, which is actually a pretty cool challenge: to design a day-to-night look for her character, Wendy, on Lipstick Jungle — and which will appear on the show.

The real challenge, it seems, is when Tim announces that they will be working in teams of two with a budget of $150 and just one day to create the look. The designers who create the best designs will get to be the team leads.

Kevin and Kenley

I’m so glad that Tim steered Kenley away from the floral fabric she initially wanted to use for the top. When he comes by to the work station, he even tosses a sample of the fabric back onto the table to show how horribly it would have gone with the outfit.

Tim’s take on this in his blog:

Their conflict began at MOOD where Kenley acted as though she weas the leader and bullied Keith to such an extent that I needed to step in and mediate. Her intractability coupled with her shrillness made her an exhausting opponent. Her cause celebre was a floral print that she slectef versus a floral print of Keith’s. For me there was no contest: Keith’s print was sophisticated and polished whereas Kenley’s was Ma Kettle.

Kelli and Daniel

It’s obvious that Daniel’s not quite as invested in this project — when he does the skirt, it’s crooked and he seemed a little surprised when Kelli suggests that it might have to be re-made…after all, it’s her ass that’s on the line, being the team leader for this project.

“That sucks! But I just didn’t care,” he says at one point.

Jerrell and Stella

Tim Gunn is actually excited by what he sees, because it seems like a true collaboration — and while I don’t normally like what both Jerrell and Stella individually design, I have to say that it doesn’t look horrible.

I loved how Jerrell really concentrated on listening to what the brief is all about — especially because of the judges’ comments from the previous week.


Korto, who has chosen Joe to be her partner, is clearly disgruntled and out comes the attitude problem when Joe dares to voice his opinion about the coat when Tim asks about it.

I can’t stand this kind of behaviour — and I think Tim nails it on the head when he calls it passive/aggressive.

When Korto tells Joe, “Well, if this look loses, then I’m not going home, because I have immunity” I totally get what she’s saying — Joe’s ass is on the line because he’s the only one who can get kicked off if they’re on the bottom…so he needs to speak up if he doesn’t agree with something.

That being said, I thought Korto’s manner of speaking smacked of sulky attitude — and if there’s anything I can’t stand in a person, it’s that.

It just shows a person is completely without grace and diplomacy and does not have any firm understanding of how to play nice with others.

I felt bad for Joe because it was clear that he was doing exactly what he says he was doing — gently trying to offer up some suggestions — to which Korto immediately leapt onto the offensive about.

I’m glad when they attempt to talk it out after Joe goes to the lounge to see if Korto is upset with him…but I don’t think anything is really resolved.

Tim had this to say of Korto’s design:

I didn’t understand this look: a form-fitting strapless dress in taupe jersey under a voluminous and shapeless satin coat in pumpkin.

Suede and Terri

“Everything that Suede seems to be touching is not gold,” Terri says.

When Suede was cutting the fabric for the top — a really busy, jazzy-looking print — he repeatedly told Terri that he was nervous about it. I just don’t understand why she didn’t take over cutting the fabric at that point.

Tim totally calls out the fact that there seems to be concern…though, Tim seems to think the top is gorgeous. It doesn’t look too bad, I think. If I had the guts, I’d probably wear it.

I loved what Tim wrote in his blog:

Terri and Suede: when you reflect on your behaviour, was it necessary?

Blayne and Leanne

I don’t care for Blayne’s design. I just can’t see Brooke Shield’s character wearing this…and if she did, it’d be completely unmemorable.

Heidi, however, goes as far to say that Blayne’s look is like a woman got dressed without looking in the mirror.

True, that.

Brooke Shields, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum

I have to admit that I’m a little bit surprised when Heidi introduces Brooke Shields as a fashion icon…but I guess you have to say that about a guest judge.

Personally, if you say “fashion icon”, I think of actual fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O.

Keith and Kenley win with this:

I’m not too surprised with this win…I liked this one a lot.

Meanwhile, Michael Kors took one look at Kelli’s design after the model took off the jacket and all he had to say was, “Hello! Slutty, slutty, slutty!”

I thought he brought up a very valid point when he said that the best part of working on a team is that you have another set of eyes…but that’s not how most of the designers behaved on this challenge. Instead, the ones who weren’t chosen by Brooke to actually bring their designs from the notepad onto the runway acted like sulky little children who didn’t once think of the fact that they could be sent home as a result of their childish behaviour.

Daniel was on the offensive when Kelli states that, if anybody out of the two should be going home, it should be Daniel — to which Daniel says he has impeccable taste…which illicits giggles from Kenley.

Daniel looks confused — and hurt — by Kenley’s laughter. Earlier in the episode, Kenley says something about how Daniel’s always saying things about how he’s got impeccable taste.

Okay…I really have to say: when you’re something, you don’t need to say it out loud, because then, it’s like, “Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?”

Like, if I’m successful, I don’t have to say I’m successful. It just shows.

If I’m generous, people will know it…I don’t have to tell the world that I’m generous.

You get what I’m saying?

Kelli, in the end, is out:

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