Project Runway Season 5 – Good Queen Fun

Season Four contestant Chris March returns!

God, what a breath of fresh air.

When he shows up on the runway, standing behind the screen and just his bizzare silhouette is showing, you cut to Suede who simply says, “What the fuck is that?”

And as soon as we hear that familiar telltale cackle, Suede says he knew right away that it was Chris — who, in Suede’s words, comes out decked with disco balls on his tits and this bizzaro yodelling costume.

“Over the top!” Suede says.

The next challenge is to create a look for a drag queen and a whole series of drag queens come trotting out.

Okay — I love, love, LOVE their names:
Farrah Moans
Miss Understood
Sweetie — New York City’s “big-titted soul mama”
Luisa Verde
Hedda Lettuce — who declares, “If you don’t make me prettier than Heidi — I’ll kill you!”
Sharon Needles
Annida Greenkaard
Sherry Vine
Acid Betty
Varla Jean Merman — who says she’s a Southern Ann Margaret on steroids

I love it!

“Fashion is all about putting on a show — so we encourage you to be as theatrical and over-the-top with your designs as you want to be!” Chris tells the designers.

Each drag queen has a distinct persona, Tim Gunn later advises the designers — and that persona must be conveyed in the outfit.

In a really nice twist, Tim announces that all the looks will be auctioned off to raise money for Equity Fights AIDS to help people suffering from HIV.

Joe, the only hetero male in the workroom, admits that designing for a drag queen is so far out of his realm that he’s a little unsure of how to wrap his mind around it.

He decides to view it as making a Halloween costume for his daughters. Talk about making it work, huh?

What cracks me up is the fact that Varla left Joe her boobs and her bra — and of course, he has to try them on and dance around the room in them.

Blayne continues to annoy me as he tacks “-licious” to every single word.

It’s meant to be cute, but it’s not.

When Jerrell snaps, “Shut up!”, I feel his pain.

See, Blayne tries too hard to be like Christian — but he’s not. He’s not cute. He’s not original. He’s not anything…no, that’s not true. He’s ANNOYING.

Tim opines, “It looks like a teradactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park” — which Blayne takes as compliment…which I don’t think it is.

Suede at work

When the models come in — without their costumes on — it’s totally jarring. It’s like…average guys you’d see on the street and it takes a second for you to take it all in.

As the models try on their outfits and provide some useful feedback to the designers, Suede’s model, Hedda outright asks if he made gloves because he was too lazy to make sleeves — which understandably pisses Suede off.

Even Tim weighs in and says that the comment was “kind of mean.”

This makes Suede nervous — but it’s clear he’s learned from the mistakes of past designers in previous seasons.

“I’m not going to let her dictate my future here on Project Runway,” he says.

Tim is so cute when he tells Suede to tell Hedda Lettuce: “And don’t you-know-what with me!”

Jerrell’s model initially didn’t like what Jerrell had created for her — but seemed too polite to actually come right out and say it.

Stella says that Jerrell’s outfit is really classy — but that drag queens aren’t classy.

“Most of them wear really tacky shit on stage!” she says matter-of-factly.

The one design I was absolutely not crazy about Daniel’s dress.

“Let’s be honest. I don’t understand that dress. It’s just an evening dress rather than a drag queen dress,” Blayne says in one of the few things he’s ever uttered that has made sense.

He has a point. It’s like Daniel chose the gaudiest looking colours (in his eyes) and made a tacky evening dress out of it rather than using his imagination to create something that was truly worthy of a drag queen.

To be honest, I’m a little tired of how Daniel’s always going on and on about how he has such great taste — taste isn’t the point here or in any of the other competitions. It’s about really listening to what the brief is all about and proving to the judges that you can design anything and make it work.

The other designers are really bored with Keith and his tendency to do overlays and fringe.

I’m not crazy about it.

And neither is guest judge RuPaul, who is very direct when he calls Keith out on his “excuses” and provides some surprisingly good suggestions.

Michael Kors says, “I keep thinking it looks like a sad chicken — a molting, sad chicken.”

The divine RuPaul joins the judges this week…but doesn’t look particularly divine.

She looks sort of…crumpled in this episode.

That being said, I thought she was a fabulous guest judge — like when she was talking to Jerrell about how, for a drag outfit to work, you have to work with proportions and create an illusion so that the eye goes to the places you want it to — and not where you don’t want it to.

I actually love how glamorous Heidi looks here.

The winner is Joe — which is no surprise:

A close runner-up has to be Terri:

I also loved Korto’s design:

Daniel is out:

“Why did you decide not to do sequins and florals?” Nina asked him.

“Because that looked gaudy to me!” Daniel protested.

Um, yeah…do you not know what drag is all about?

Part of Daniel’s downfall has to do with the fact that he’s forever making cocktail dresses — and whenever the judges make comments about this fact, he refuses to take the criticism well and goes on the defensive.

~ by justj on August 22, 2008.

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