Project Runway Season 5 – Fashion That Drives You

Ooh — the car challenge…recycled or borrowed from Project Runway Australia, but not set up in teams.

Heidi sends the designers to the rooftop of 142 West 31st street, where they’re met by mentor Tim and Chris Webb, the lead colour designer for Saturn. (He’s got a cool accent…is it Scottish?) Chris tells the designers to make an outfit made entirely out of the spare parts and raw materials of a Saturn Hybrid car.

They were instructed to collect as much Saturn car material as they can within a time limit of four minutes and then were given one day to complete an outfit of their choice.


Tim is brutally honest with the designers when he tells them that, like the first challenge, this one is about innovation — and when you look back at the first challenge, not many of them managed to rise to the challenge. (Stella’s garbage bag design, anyone?)

Korto, right off the bat, impresses me with the weaving technique that she’s using with the seat belts — though, Kenley has a point when she says that a lot of designers seem to be using the seat belts.

Blayne realizes quickly on that the seat belts are hard to work with because the sewing machines keep getting screwed up as he tries to feed them through the machine.

Another person who’s using seat belts — but who’s trying to use it in a way that nobody else is using them is Leanne.


I have to admit that, out of all the designers, she seems to be the one who’s really going out on a limb and trying to be innovative by using the natural shape of the seat cover for the skirt. Sure, Kenley says she’s doing that by drawing in a zebra print on the air bags, but…the execution doesn’t look all that great.

What’s more is that Kenley is faced with the problem of having her model, Shannon, drop out and having a new model come in — a model who’s a size bigger than Kenley’s original model.

I think this was the first episode where Kenley’s voice started to grate on me — it’s really whiney.

When she starts moaning about how she wants to give up, yadda yadda yadda, I just want to yell at her. What part of “Make it work” don’t you understand?

Jerrell’s design is…”futuristic” according to Tim…but I don’t really care for it.

He used the faux suede reverse side of the seat cushion and dashboard parts for the trim.

It was…bleh.

That being said, it wasn’t the worst thing out there.

I thought it was interesting when he called out the fact that Terri is two-faced and nasty and then called her a bitch.

Don’t know if it was done as a joke, but Terri just looks like one of those people who has an attitude problem — no sense of diplomacy or speaking in a classy way, you know?

When she tells Korto that her outfit looks like something out of the movie, “Jeepers Creepers” and then rolls on the floor, laughing, like it’s the most hilarious thing she’s ever heard.


Real, classy.

I almost feel sorry for Keith, who seems hell-bent on listening to what the judges said in previous weeks and to create an outfit that’s more tailored to what he thinks that they want to see…and not what he’s comfortable with.

He seems too down on himself — like every ounce of confidence has just oozed right out of him, harping on the criticism delivered by the judges in the previous challenge.

It’s like, “Get over yourself. You’re just setting yourself up for failure.”

However, when his model sits down and splits the skirt (despite his telling her not to sit) I feel like, “He’s gone. He’s totally gone after this.”

With all the editing, it just seems like he’s being set up to lose this challenge.

Celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, is the guest judge this week and season three finalist, Laura Bennett, stands in for Nina, who’s not feeling well.

Can I just say that I loved, loved, loved Laura during her season? I just loved how elegant and polished she always looked — I mean, you’d never guess that she was the mother of all these little boys…and to think! She was pregnant during her competition…and yet, always looked effortlessly chic.

I thought she was pretty competent as a judge — she wasn’t overly harsh, though Keith would probably disagree with me there.

“There’s no concept. There’s no idea,” she told Keith, who then muttered that she should have seen some of his other stuff.

This led to some more poor-me-mumblings from Keith, who seemed to imply that the judges didn’t appreciate his creativity and talent. Michael told him that he shouldn’t act or think like they’re trying to reign in his creativity.

“You’ve reigned yourself in,” Michael points out.

But still, Keith continues to sulk like a baby.

“There’s criticism and there’s insult,” Keith said, which pisses Michael off because — and I think he’s said this before — if you’re going to be in this business, you can’t take things too personally. You have to learn to roll with the punches and to rise to the next challenge.

Leanne wins:

Michael Kors thought the proportion and the style was interesting and chic — crafted beautifully.

Rachel Zoe thinks that the dress could go straight to Paris.

Personally, I just preferred Korto’s jacket, which looked amazingly detailed and textured and gorgeous:

Rachel said she’d want a coat like that while Michael Kors said there was a “restraining drama” to it.

“It was beautifully thought out,” Laura said, while Rachel kept saying she wanted to have it.

Keith, unsurprisingly, is out:

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