Project Runway Season 5 – Double O Fashion

Okay…on what planet would anybody consider Mary Kate Olson a “fashion legend”?

When Tim announces they’ll be meeting a “legend” that they’ll be designing for in this week’s challenge, you wind up cutting to that idiot, Blayne, who, in his usual airhead-speak, tells us that the first person he thinks of is Mary-Kate Olson and that he wants to marry her — like, who wouldn’t, he asks?

You know…I really can’t tell if he’s got the same brain capacity as a fruit fly or if it’s just an act that he’s putting on, thinking he’s all cute and funny and witty…’cause if that moron thinks he’s cute and funny and witty, then, he’s dead wrong.

Every week that he continues to be on the show, is another week where I wish I could just reach through the television set and stab him…repeatedly.

The designers are introduced to Diane von Furstenberg — and seriously, this is a moment that rivals and exceeds the one where the season four designers were asked to design an outfit for Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Bitten” line.

I mean, c’mon, let’s face facts: the thrill was mainly in meeting SJP — not designing for her line…’cause, seriously, her line is nothing to write home about.

But creating a look for Diane von Furstenberg’s fall collection inspired by the movie, “A Foreign Affair” is a designer’s wet dream. I mean, there’s no going to “Mood Fabrics” for this challenge — von Furstenberg has opened her showroom to the designers.

The winning look will be put into production and sold exclusively to American Express customers. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fund.

Kenley is freakishly emotional over this challenge, tearing up constantly in front of the camera as she talks about how, if she won this challenge, it’d be enough for her.

She talks about how some of the other designers have worked for big name designers, whereas she’s only worked for Wal-Mart or K-Mart — and that’s why this would be a really big thing for her.

When she starts designing, though, I actually really love what she’s done — despite the fact that Terri thinks the print is a bit loud. (You want ‘loud’? Look at her pick of a print with fireworks on it. That just looked cheap.)

Most of the designers are designing at least three-piece looks while Kenley has focused on the one dress, which is done impeccably. However…I can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s a little too simple — over-relying on the print to “make” the dress.

Meanwhile, the designers are increasingly becoming guarded and ultra-competitive with each other.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed about this group — there doesn’t seem to be any real comraderie with one another. They’re all pretty two-faced and it’s weird how on Project Runway Australia, the designers are very professional and nice to one another.

Yup — that’s the word I’d use: “professional.”

There’s a lack of that here.

When you’re professional, you don’t come across as an attitude-filled beeyotch. (Yup, I’m looking at you, Ms. Korto, even though your designs are admittedly stellar.)

The designers opine that Terri is a one-trick pony with the same blazer and pant over and over again — and you know what? I can’t really remember a single thing she’s ever made. I just remember her attitude problem. (Ditto for Korto.)

Diane von Fuerstenberg, Tim Gunn, and Fern Mallis
Leanne’s garment is just — glamourous and beautiful. Her model, more so than the others, actually looked like she’d just stepped out of a 1930s film.

The judges lauded her for the “good design” that was put into every last facet of the garment.

Leanne’s look

I thought Kenley pretty much killed herself on the runway when she kept interrupting the judges. I knew for sure that she didn’t get it when Heidi pointed out that, in Diane’s look book, there was a lot of layering…and Kenley was defiant about it…not realizing that, she just looked like she wasn’t trying hard enough to do the layers. In trying to be less like “everyone else”, she was less like what Diane was producing in her look book — and ultimately, it was completely right that she didn’t win.

“One other piece with that and it would have been a home run,” Fern Mallis, the judge sitting in for Nina Garcia, said.

Kenley’s design

The judges called Stella out on her poor tailoring — the pants aren’t fitting properly and according to Michael Kors, it’s every woman’s nightmare.

I’ve never been a fan of Stella and I thought Heidi was spot on when she said that the three pieces weren’t done well at all.

I’m glad that Stella is finally out.

~ by justj on September 5, 2008.

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