Project Runway Australia – Episode 10

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a horse race between Leigh and Juli when it comes to winning Project Runway Australia — Petrova’s just not up-to-snuff compared to the others. I’ve never really liked anything she’s designed and the one outfit that she won for was…well, it wasn’t very good. They should have picked Juli’s design to mass produce instead.

I still prefer Leigh as a designer over Juli and I’m rooting for him to win.

Kristy tells the final three that their last challenge is to create a collection of 10 looks at a live fashion show in front of an audience of their peers with a budget of $10,000 and two months to put it together.

“The hardest thing about being in the top three is that we all have the same asthetic,” Juli says of Leigh and Petrova.

Henry is slated to visit the three designers four weeks after they leave the Whitehouse Institute.

First up is Juli, who introduces him to her mother, who was always sewing.

Juli says that’s where it all began — watching her mother sew.

Juli’s “boudoir”, where she keeps all of her shoes, which are neatly stacked with photographs of the contents. It’s a friggin’ room that’s been turned into a “closet” with loads of jewellry, hats, and clothes.

Her theme is of a European princess — which isn’t surprising. Juli has always designed really pretty things.

“You always have to be really clear about what you’re designing for,” Henry says, warning her that some of the embellishments that she’s stuck onto the outfits, it begins to look a bit like a costume.

No kidding. It’s like they’re stuck onto the outfits just for the hell of it.

Henry’s advice is to tone things down a bit and I’m so relieved that Juli takes his advice into consideration — because, even though I want Leigh to win, I still love Juli’s design asthetic.

Moving onto Leigh, Henry finds him relieved to have a visitor.

Leigh’s friggin’ place is AMAZING — the place is just GIGANTIC.

Leigh admits to being really stressed — he tells the camera that he was sort of worried about Henry’s visit because he hasn’t really done anything yet.

He feels the pressure to do things perfectly.

“For me, what’s the point of doing something unless it’s perfect?” he asks.

Trust me, I get that — this is why I love this guy.

Henry opines that maybe Leigh’s afraid of his own capacity to win — and Leigh, interestingly enough, says that he never really thinks about winning. He’d rather be well-liked. (How can you not love a guy like that?)

He says he never expected to get this far on Project Runway and that he’s been procrastinating so much and putting things off until he feels the pressure to win, that he hasn’t done much.

Leigh’s work room looks liek a menagerie of favourite things.

Leigh’s inspiration is a broach in the shape of a cobra — it’s fascinating. A collection is inspired by school boys adoring their mothers.

The fabrics are gorgeous and the workmanship is so intricate and absolutely show-stopping.

“Whatever you’re doing, sex it up,” Henry says.

I like how Leigh owns up to the fact that, whatever hapens, he has to take responsibility of it.

Finally, we get to Petrova — whom I was never really a fan of.

Petrova has her own boutique and for some reason, a lot of the stuff that I see just reminds me of Besty Johnson.

Petrova talks about how her father was a fashion designer who was quite fashion forward for his time — unfortunately, he passed away when she was six…and though he died when she was so young, she still feels as though he has greatly influenced her.

Her theme is about rainbows and about how they’re symbols of hope.

What I love about Henry is that he’s so diplomatic and good with his words.

When Petrova reveals what she’s got, you can tell from his face, though, that he’s concerned. He steeples his fingers together and says nothing as she brings out various garments for him to see.

He advises her that she needs to start galvanizing her look and tone it down a little bit.

“This is so bad that it’s bad,” he says of one skirt.

“No more creativity. You have to hone in now,” he tells her.

When the designers return to the Whitehouse Institute, they get a chance to see how each other’s designs stack up against each other.

I feel like the designers on this show aren’t like the designers in some of the other incarnations of Project Runway — they’re always diplomatic and nice to each other…even in front of the camera.

Paula Joyne, the editor of Madison magazine, which is where the designers will get a feature spread, arrives to do a critique of what the designers have done thus far.

Petrova’s collection looks…crazy. That’s just a personal opinion. I mean, I think someone with a lot of style can pull it off — but it’s not for me. To me, it just looks tacky and without taste.

Petrova clearly doesn’t want to listen to the advice of Paula Joyne — she’s got this disgruntled look that says, “Fuck off. I’ve done this. It was a lot of work. Fuck off.”

Paula advises Juli of Coco Chanel’s motto: “Look in the mirror and take something off.”

Juli admits that she thinks about Coco Chanel’s words of advice every day when she gets dressed — and can’t believe that she didn’t take the advice for her own collection.

With Leigh, he also seems to arbitrarily dismiss Paula’s advice at first — particularly with one outfit that had a fringe.

Henry cautions him to pay more heed — and hopefully, he does.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the last episode.


~ by justj on September 19, 2008.

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