Project Runway Season 5 – What’s Your Sign?

Okay, so I’ve been pretty clear about who I don’t like on Project Runway this season — Blayne instantly pops to mind, but I also really don’t like Terri (she’s got a major attitude problem — if there were such things as attitude transplants, she’d need to be the first person in line to get one) or Kenley (whiney, annoying and too full of herself).

Of course, these are the designers who are still in the running.

When Miss Heidi brings back all of the designers who’ve been booted off the runway in previous challenges, I start mentally adding more designers to the list.

Seriously — what is it with this season? Nobody really stands out as being a frontrunner and nobody stands out for being particularly interesting or likable, either.

I’m mildly starting to warm to Jerrell, who tells the camera that he’s glad to see the previously eliminated designers — but, of course, it all depends on what they’re back for.

Heidi tells the remaining designers that they’ll be paired with the previously eliminated designers to create an avante-garde look inspired by the astrological sign of one member of the team. Heidi tells them not to worry — this isn’t going to be some silly gimmick (like on Project Runway Australia) where an eliminated designer is brought back into the game…they’re only being brought back to inspire and help the remaining designers.

Um, okay. I don’t really see the point of all of that. For most designers, as Kenley points out, crafting an outfit is a solo mission.

Tim determines the team by pulling names out of a black velvet bag. Korto, because she’s an Aquarius, is up first.

“I’m like, ‘God, Jesus help me,'” she says drily.

There’s something about the way Korto talks — like she lacks enthusiasm for everything in life in general.

She’s paired with Kelly, who is also an Aquarius. The colours for this sign are silver, aqua and purple and the traits are listed as unconventional and eccentric.

Kenley, who is also an Aquarius, is paired with Wesley — I totally forgot about this guy. He’s kind of cute in that preppy way, but it’s clear that he’s going to be steamrolled over by Kenley, who automatically decides they’re going to use her sign, which is “perfect” for her design asthetic.

“Signs are actually really on point, isn’t it?” she cries enthusiastically in that irritating, nasal voice complete with the stupid giggle that punctuates every thing she says.

Leanne opines that Kenley is insanely overconfident with her design and we’re treated to several shots of Kenley braying like a loud donkey, which Leanne rightly describes as “beyond annoying.”

Kenley’s design looks less avante-garde than costumey and just as I write this, there goes Tim, saying, “There’s a fine line between avante-garde and costume. It looks like Glenda, the good witch of the north.”

Kenley gasps and giggles, saying Glenda would never look this good, to which Tim just shrugs and says, “Fine. Don’t listen to me.”

Wesley privately says that Kenley has full control of the garment and that he doesn’t want to add anything to it because he feels like it’s going to get ripped apart on the runway.

Smart boy.

Joe is paired with Daniel, who looks as bored and disgruntled as ever. What’s with this guy?

Leanne, who says she was praying silently for either Emily or Jennifer, is granted her wish and paired with Emily and they decide to go with Emily’s sign — Scorpio — just because Leanne feels that it’ll provide more inspiration.

She has an interesting design concept with an exo-skeleton look.

Blayne is paired with Stella — which seems to be a good match in that they’re both hideously bad. As they toss out ideas to each other for Libra, I have to close my eyes in a really pained way.

Blayne’s explaination to Tim of what the look is all about, Tim clearly looks as though he doesn’t get it.

Hell, nobody gets Blayne’s bizzare explaination.

I had to laugh and think, “Ain’t karma a bitch?” when Terri tells the camera that, if she’s paired with Keith, it’s “not going to be pretty” — and Tim immediately says, “Terri…you are paired with…Keith!”

When they head off to Mood, she bitches that he has a hard time grasping concepts, but when you see the vague way in which she directs him, you can’t help but think that the fault lies with Miss Bitchy Attitude Problem.

Going with Keith’s sign, Leo, she’s all about fake fur and animal print, which leaves Keith less than enthused because he thinks it’ll just look very costumey.

She sounds like a pompous eejit when she says that Keith’s skill level isn’t the same as her’s and woe-is-her, what is she going to do?

You know, for someone who thinks so highly of herself, she doesn’t sound horribly educated or smart.

She’s very low-class — but then again, I think all people with attitude problems are low-class. I mean, if you have no sense of diplomacy and actually show that you think you’re better than other people, it just makes you look bad.

When Keith tells her he just wants to help, she dully says, “Maybe he can count the pins that drop to the floor.”

If I was Keith, I wouldn’t even bother helping — I mean, what’s the point? You’ve been eliminated and there’s no chance of getting back into the game. If I was Keith, I would have sabotaged Terri’s outfit and made sure she was sent home.

But then again, I can be a vindictive little bitch sometimes.

I’m proud of him when he walks away after Terri continually brushes aside his offers of help.

“I can only try for so long,” he says reasonably.

Terri’s an angry, bitter person, he says — and he’s right.

Jerrell is working with Jennifer, which leaves Seude with Jerry, his original roommate.

When Tim checks in on Jerrell and Jennifer, he expresses some concern over the fabric choice, which he says looks like they took an old school marm’s winter coat and tried to fashion a dress out of it.

“You are so out there on the precipice that you’re either going to win or it’s going to crash and burn,” Tim tells him. “I’m intrigued.”

Jerrell has a moment where he looks stricken.

Suede and Jerry opt to use Libra as their inspiration because they want to move away from the whole “animal look” that some of the designers (ahem, Terri) are going for.

As a surprise, the designers are invited to a party where they’re to show their looks to a select audience at 8 p.m. the American Museum of Natural History.

Tim tells them prior to the party that two designers will be eliminated in this challenge and that from here on out, there will be no more immunity.

And, now for the fun part…the special guests are former contestants of the previous seasons.

We have Daniel, Christian, Carmen, Alison, Robert, Jay and Kara to help pick the winner.

I’m appalled when Kenley refuses to listen to anything negative — or true — and says, “If Heidi’s talking nonsense, I’m going to step in and kind of set her straight.”

To anybody who can see, you can clearly tell that Heidi’s right — Kenley has fashioned her outfit so the boobs hang low…way lower than where the model’s natural chest is.

Kenley infuriates me with her bizzarely overconfident attitude.

I think the previous designers are providing really valid and constructive criticism that the designers should be smart to consider…but as always, most are unwilling to listen and are dismissive.

Heidi tells Blayne she’s not crazy about the colour choice of his garment and says it reminds her of old granny panties.

The previous designers vote for their favourites and we head into the runway show the next day.

Joining the judges for this show is women’s creative director for the Calvin Klein collection, Francisco Costa.

Okay, so I have to post Kenley’s garment because it’s just hideous:

Her partner, Wesley, even says that she’s missed the mark on this one and that you cannot see “Aquarius” in this design.

Nina even says this when she critiques the piece and tells Kenley that she looks like she did whatever the hell she wanted to do without any regard to the brief.

All the while, Kenley is protesting, talking over Dame Nina like a petulant child, crossing her arms over her chest and looking wounded at Nina’s words.

Honey, if you’re going to get anywhere in life — no matter what career you choose to go into — you need to learn how to take criticism well and to learn from it. Life is a learning process.

Michael flat out tells her, “Listen, Kenley. Avante garde means something we haven’t seen” after he tells her that this looks done before.

Jerrell’s design actually turns out to be really well done:

Heidi tells him that the Project Runway alumni loved it the best and that the judges did as well.

I did, however, really like Joe’s design:

Blayne is rightly eliminated:

“It just looks haphazard,” Nina complained. “It’s just the one-legged monster here.”

“It just does not look pretty to me,” Heidi says.

“I mean, come on! We’ve had this once before: she’s pooping fabric!” Michael says in frustration. “I’m happy for odd beauty. This is just odd.”

Terri is also booted off this competition and I think, “Yes!”

Nina looks disgusted when Terri launches into the whole, “My partner didn’t help me” routine and Keith protests that Terri wouldn’t even speak to him.

I’m so glad when Michael tells Terri, “Can I say something? You are never going to have a successful career if you are not willing to have other people collaborate with you and help you. This just looks like a costume. This looks like a voodoo princess in hell.”

He says the taste flew out the window — which shocks Terri.

Nina later says, “I really hated this outfit — it just looked cheap”, which actually echoes Keith’s thoughts.

It’s a really great moment to the end of a great episode.

~ by justj on September 20, 2008.

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