Project Runway Australia – Finale

Upfront, before I launch into the recap, all I have to say is — I’m not disappointed with who won. It’s not who I wanted to win, but at least it wasn’t the person I didn’t want to win.

The finale picks up directly from where the previous episode left off.

Blindfolded, the three remaining designers are taken into a new room, where all of the garments they’ve produced on mannequins.

Henry tells them that in front o them and around them are their histories on the show — and they are to take a minimum of two pieces from all the hcallenges they have done and create the 11th piece of their collection.

“I can’t believe I have to cut up these dresses. I’ve worked so hard on them and they mean so much to me,” Petrova said.

And there — that’s exactly how I would have felt too. You put all your creative effort into designing these outfits…some of which were real winners…and then you have to cut them up?

That’s just so bloody unfair — and unnecessary, too! 

“It was just — I don’t know…sickening. I’ve never given birth, but for me, it was like a birthing experience,” Leigh says, wisely choosing the first gown he won for as well as the wedding gown, which he also won for.

“I don’t want to cut it up! Having to cut into them was a bit of a nightmare,” he reveals, as he looks at the gowns.

Juli does the smart thing by choosing outfits which match her colour palate and is grateful she used predominantly black and plum in the previous outfits.

I really love the recreation of the wedding dress from Petrova — she actually dyed the white dress.

Henry absolutely loves the new piece and declares it as potentially the best thing she’s ever created.

It’s also the first glamourous and truly beautiful piece (in my opinion) that I’ve seen come from Petrova.

I was a little surprised that both Petrova and Juli consider each other their biggest rivals and threats for the win — I’m surprised because I actually believe that Leigh is far superior than Petrova.

Petrova is just too flighty and arty farty — I’m not a fan of her work.

Henry opines that Leigh’s 11th piece was dramatic and avant-garde, which is exactly what I’m thinking when Leigh spins the mannequin around and you see all those beautiful maroon ribbons criss-crossing along the back.

On model casting day, Leigh says, “I want hot people in my clothes” in a very matter-of-fact way.

Juli was grateful that Leigh was also doing menswear and boldly asks the male models to taking their tops off. (I’m grateful, too.)

On the day of the runway show, Leigh runs into a snag when one of the models is unable to fit the shoes that he had for her — so he sends her off to find another pair of shoes…but she comes back with the wrong coloured shoes.

In a great moment of “making it work”, he spray paints them gold and the model just looks stunning.

The first designer to show is Leigh, who makes everybody laugh with his little explaination of what his collection is all about.

There was a fair bit of craziness in Leigh’s collection, but a lot of it was mixed with some relaly gorgeous, beautiful gowns.

The final outfit that Leigh’s model, Yumi, walked out on in was — in a word? Breathtaking.

“You understand the power of the runway — you just excelled. You’ve surpassed yourself,” one of the judges said.

The editor of Madison said that there was a discrepancy between the menswear and the womenswear –whereas the menswear was ready-to-wear, it was different from what the women were wearing.

One thing that I can definitely say about this collection is that it looked very unified — and that’s not something you can say about a lot of the designers that show collections on any of the incarnations of Project Runway.

Petrova’s collection surprises me — the first outfit down the runway was beautiful and flirty, but the remaining outfits just look…well, cheap. It had the same sort of tackiness that a lot of the garments that were produced on Project Catwalk (which, by the way, was cancelled).

Coming on the heels of Leigh’s collection, it just looked shoddy and not as well constructed in comparison. The collection just didn’t look cohesive.

Host, Kristy Hinze was smiling broadly when Leigh’s collection came and went, but was thin-lipped for Petrova’s. (Though, she did break out into a broad grin when Petrova took her bow.)

Judge Sarah cautions her against using too many “tricks” in her garments and to not be “too kooky” that it jeopardizes the commercial aspect of her garments.

Juli, when she comes down the runway, looks very pretty as always.

That girl is always well-dressed and when her outfits start coming down the runway, they all look very sleek, elegant, and classy. I’d wear almost every single outfit that went down the runway.

 There were quite a lot of ruffles and a lot of satin — and again, Kristy’s broad smile resurfaced, which says a lot, I think.

Juli wanted her collection to look as though a European princess would wear it — and I think you can only say, “Mission accomplished” with that.

“Juli you’re a magician,” one of the judges said.

“You just whispered elegance,” Jayson tells her. “It was so heavenly!”

When the judges sit to decide who should win, what stands out for me is the fact that Jayson nails it on the head when he declares that there’s something slightly “unsophisticated” about Petrova’s garments.

Petrova, unsurprisingly, is cut first — and I think she saw it coming. She tells the camera that she was devestated and I feel bad for her, but I just don’t think she was on the same level as Leigh or Juli.

Leigh’s show was declared “spectacular” and “bold.” Juli’s show was declared a “masterpiece of cohesion.”

I can’t even begin to imagine how it felt to be standing there — so close to victory, and yet so far.

I would have shit my pants, I think.

Juli is delcared the winner and she’s stunned that she is the first-ever winner of Project Runway Australia.

“There was a moment of disappoint where I thought, ‘Ah, dang, it wasn’t me,'” Leigh says, “but I loved my collection so much and I’m just so proud of me and I know that there are so many people proud of me that…we’re all winners.”

It was so gracious and wonderful what he said.

It was so touching how everybody started tearing up with happiness at Juli’s win.

“You are an exceptional example to not only all the designers in Australia, but also to me,” Henry tells her.

Overall, I’ve really, really loved Project Runway Australia — the fact that it’s been airing at the same time as the US version just highlights the fact that the calibre of talent is far superior. The designers are sweet and nice and talented and fabulously funny and endearing.

I can’t wait to see what the next season will bring.

~ by justj on September 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Project Runway Australia – Finale”

  1. I’ll really miss this show. I loved each and every single contestant.
    When Kirsty shed a tear after Juli was announced the winner – it was so so sweet.
    Are you going to review the Reunion show?
    It really puts the current US season to shame, doesn’t it. Not so much with the talent – but all the US people are so miserable!!

  2. I watched the reunion show, but ultimately decided not to review it.

    You know the current US season is sort of filling in a void. Yes, some of the designers are miserable cows…but I still preferring watching Project Runway over not watching it at all!

  3. Can someone please tell me where can I see the gowns pictures from the finale?

  4. Hi,
    Great blog, when the show was on here in Australia I read your recaps, they were extremely comprehensive.

    I write a reality tv blog. and I was wondering if you want to swap links, to try and boost each others traffic.

    I superficially cover all reality TV shows, but you are much more comprehensive then me. Email me on if interested.

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