Project Runway Season 5 – Rock ‘N Runway

Each remaining episode until Kenely is booted off, I’m going to head into each challenge thinking: Please let this be the one where Kenley is finally kicked out of this competition!

I’m hoping the final three will be Jerrell, Korto and Leanne — Kenley totally doesn’t belong in the top three…not when she’s been recycling the same outfit for practically every challenge. If there were ever a one-trick pony, Kenley would be it.

This challenge has the designers designing for each other — and the outfit has to be inspired by a musical genre with a $150 budget.

Jerrell has to create a pop-look for Kenley.

“It’s totally not going to be 1954,” Jerrell says to the camera — echoing what Leanne privately says of Kenley’s design asthetic.


Korto is designing for Suede a punk-inspired outfit — and she tells Suede upfront that if he has any problems with the outfit, to kindly let her know before Tim comes around to do his critique…please and thank-you.

Tim tells her that, at first glance, it’s not “punk enough.”

<img src=”;.

Leanne has the challenge of designing a country music outfit for Korto…which is definitely a challenge for Leanne because Korto looks like the last person who’d be listening to the country music station.

“That look is not her,” she says.

When Tim takes a look, he cautions her not to make the outfit look too costumey.

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Kenely has to design a hip hop look for Leanne — and right off the bat, she breaks rule number one of the client/designer relationship…she refuses to listen to her client and even dismisses it.

“We all look at this floral top Kenley’s got for Leanne and we all know that ain’t hip-hop — that’s damn near country!” Korto says flatly, voicing the truth. “So, we’re not going to tell her. We’re just going to let her believe that’s hip-hop!”

You know, in the real world, you can get fired for doing what Kenley’s doing. I mean, why got to a designer who summarily dismisses what you want with a snotty, “I don’t want to do that” with no explaination whatsoever as to what would work better? You know, if she had said, “Well, maybe you want to consider doing this instead…” that would have been more diplomatic — but nope. Week after week, we get the petulant Kenley pouting over what she wants to do.

It’s like, she doesn’t take into consideration what the challenge is about. Whatever Kenley wants to do, she does, forever declaring it “awesome”, even when it’s not.

Tim diplomatically tries to guide her by asking isn’t hip hop about an oversized look, and Kenley shakes her head, with a pitying look, “correcting” him, when it’s clear as day that this white girl doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

Automatically, she goes on the offensive and Tim tells her that he’s not here to bash her, that he’s only here to help her — but Kenley persists on getting all offended.

My jaw literally drops when she tells the camera: “I can’t listen to Tim at this point. Besides, what does Tim know about hip hop, anyway?”

Are you kidding me? Isn’t that sort of like the pot calling the kettle black?

Slowly, Tim considers his words as he says, “You need to listen it will benefit you tremendously as a designer. It would help if you removed the sarcasm and the facetiousness. It would help me a lot — you just think I’m being snarky!”

When Korto says that Kenley sometimes comes across a rude, I thought she was being too kind. However, I thought Korto was dead on when she said that there’s a line you don’t cross — even if you don’t agree with Tim’s opinions, you still need to respect him.

Suede has to give Jerrell a rock’n roll feel — and Jerrell thinks Suede’s asthetic actually lends itself to the rock’n roll look.

Suede, however, is thinking hard about all of the judges’ past comments and he’s worried about falling into the bottom two again.

Tim, as he takes it all in, opines that it’s not “ramped up enough” and that every single solitary detail matters when it comes down to being in the final five.

The guest judge this week is LL Cool J, who started off with a hip-hop sportswear line in the mid-eighties called TROOP, and then came out with a line in the mid-90s called FUBU before transitioning to a new line focusing on urban apparel.

Korto wins:

Nina says Suede looks like Marilyn Manson — but trust me, there’s no uglier human being on the face of the planet (looks-wise) than Marilyn Manson. That guy’s a joke.

I thought Jerrell should have won for the third time:

Nina said, “I love it! I love how she’s exposed, but she’s not too naked.”

“It’s very, very smart — you look sexy, but it’s not vulgar,” Michael tells Kenley.

So…I don’t get why Jerrell didn’t win…especially since all of the judges loved the outfit.

I had to laugh when Michael Kors said that Leanne’s outfit for Korto looked like “a woman going out to eat ribs.”


Suede is out — which I don’t get because it was nowhere near as bad as Kenley’s.

“Up close, this doesn’t work,” LL Cool J said, pointing out that you need something dramatic for the stage.

The judges thought that there was no transformation — that it looks like Jerrell’s everyday look.

I would have kicked out Kenley — partly because I just really hate her.

She ungraciously said that Leanne wasn’t selling the look and called her a “big fat poser.”

“What happened to the pants? These are probably the most unflattering pants I’ve ever seen,” Heidi says flatly.

LL Cool J said this look doesn’t look like a hip-hop look at all — and Kenley automatically starts petulantly whining.

I LOVED IT when Nina took Kenley down a peg, when Kenley started pouting that she couldn’t make a luxurious-looking garment in only a day.

“Yes, it was hard. It was hard for everybody,” Nina snaps.

~ by justj on September 28, 2008.

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