Project Runway Season 5 – Nature Calls

“I’m not talking to Leanne,” Kenley declares at the beginning of this episode, telling the camera that she thinks Leanne sabotaged her, not really selling the outfit and making it look like a “fool’s outfit.”

Um, yeah… Could it be that it looked like a fool’s outfit because a fool designed a foolishing looking outfit based on a foolish concept of what a hip hop outfit is supposed to look like?

Just a thought I’m tossing out there.

Seriously…why the hell hasn’t Kenley been booted off this show yet? She’s talentless. She recycles the same look over and over again and has the most insufferable attitude.

I think Kenley being booted off — with a brutal tongue lashing from Heidi, Michael and Nina, first — would be the most wonderful thing in the world to see…mostly because it should be a lesson to everyone that when you’re a jackass, the universe will deal you the biggest sucker punch in the face.

Seriously — I don’t get people with inflated notions of thesmelves. If you’re smart, you know that being diplomatic and classy will get you further in life than being a snide bitch who thinks too highly of herself.

La Rochefoucauld once said the height of cleverness was to conceal it.

One invariably fails to command respect when one doesn’t understand that humility and the ability to play nice in the sandbox are two key components in winning people over…and if you fail to win people over, you don’t get respect. (That one’s from me.)

The four remaining designers head off with Tim on a little field trip and Kenley says that she’s had a hard time in the last couple of challenges and she really hopes that the next challenge is something that she usually does.

I wanted to slap her right then and there.

Someone who doesn’t know how to adapt, roll with the punches and deliver her best no matter what the circumstances — that’s not a winner.

Korto thinks the challenge will be evening wear.

Jerrell, who has become one of the few designers I’ve actually grown to like from this season, says the twist will be their client is Hedda Lettuce, the infamously difficult client from the drag queen challenge, and that their materials will have to be from the grocery store, Gristedes.

“Who told you?” Tim jokes, amidst laughs.

When they head to the New York Botanical Garden, the guesses start flying. A dress out of flowers? Plants? What is it?

Collier Strong, consulting makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris, is there to tell them their, which is to create an evening gown inspired by nature.

They’re given one hour and a set of cameras to get some inspiration before they go back to Parson’s to pick just one picture for inspiration before they’re sent off to Mood with a budget of $250 to design their garment.

Korto says she doesn’t know what she’s doing — she has chosen an orange flower (I have no idea what that flower is) and she’s designing as she goes.

She tells Collier later that she’s going for a “bronze goddess look” and just looking at the fabric she’s chosen, I think she’s going in a really good direction — because, even though I find her kind of bitchy sometimes, I still think she does great work.

Tim, when he comes to inspect her work, says it looks very sleek, but very “2008” in the front, though the back looks like “Catherine the Great.”

This leaves Korto not feeling all that 100 per cent about her look and she decides to edit her work.

Korto tears up and says she’s not ready to go home — that it would be devestating to be told that she didn’t make it.

“Hell, I’m breaking up now!” she says with a sniff. “I’ve just been told ‘no’ so many times. This time, I want it to be a ‘yes.'”

I actually felt my breath catch a little when she said this.

Who hasn’t wanted to hear a “yes” when they’ve been told “no” over and over again?

Jerrell likes the fabric to inspire what he’s making and the sketch that he’s created actually looks a lot like a flower.

While Tim thinks the dress looks very unfinished (which Jerrell fully acknowledges), he also says that Jerrell probably has something that has the potential to blow the judges away.

“That’s the plan!” Jerrell says happily.

The enormity of this challenge weighs him down at one point, though, as he tears up as he’s ironing his clothes.

“Just to have this opportunity and to be so close — and you’ve just worked so hard…this is certainly the biggest moment of my life to date,” he says.

I was really moved by what he said — especially when the camera cuts to him sitting in his room, staring out the window.

I think anybody who has had a passion for something and worked really hard to get it, knows what it’s like to have a moment like this — victory is close, but at the same time, it’s uncertain. You’re so close to getting what you want, you can taste it…but it’s still out of reach…just barely past your fingertips.

Leanne’s outfit is very textured and she tries to make it look like a lavendar plant.

“I’m seeing ‘Hello Dolly!'” Tim says when he looks at Leanne’s work.

It looks like one hot mess — there’s too much ruching. It looks busy and crazy. I’m not a fan of what I see.

Stressed out, she starts crying on camera as she talks about how she has so much more work to do and that she’s desperate to get to Fashion Week, especially when she’s wanted this since she was 12 years old.

When Kenley opines that Leanne does the same thing over and over (“Leanne does pleated details on a muted palate. That’s been done”), I roll my eyes.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Kenley has left a bag of tulle at Mood and she’s forced to use drafting paper to create volume for her skirt.

Jerrell says he has extra tulle that he’s not using, but he refuses to give it to Kenley because he thinks she’s just a one-trick pony and he refuses to assist her in any way.

Korto also has extra tulle she’s not using, and like Jerrell, she’s not going to help Kenley, either.

Good for both of them.

“Kenley’s rude to Heidi, she’s rude to Tim. When you have an ugly attitude it just makes you ugly and then it makes everything you make ugly. I don’t feel sorry for her,” Korto says — which is true.

And yet, unbelievably enough she actually looks like she expects the others to help her out and asks if they could sell some of the tulle to her — which Jerrell and Korto flatly refuse to do.

I was a little disappointed that Tim said Kenley could go back and get her tulle.

At one point, we see a scene where poor, lonely, shunned Kenley sits off on one side while the other three designs are on the other side of the workroom, laughing and chatting away.

Kenley, in an attempt to illicit pity, tells us that she’s had to deal with that her whole life — the whole being left out part, that is.

When she says she doesn’t know why that is, I roll my eyes. She’s so oblivious. It always reminds me of how, some people are forever complaining about certain situations in their lives, never once stopping to consider that, when a pattern develops where other people always treat you in a certain way, then it’s not about the other people anymore…it’s about you.

But, of course, she says she’s okay with it. She has to focus right now, anyway, she says.

Oh, the things we tell ourselves to take the pain away!

When Tim tells her that her gown looks like it has oceanic feel with what looked like scales at the bottom — which he didn’t understand because the theme was supposed to be botanical.

She takes this as a compliment — the scales part, that is.

She’s so deluded, it’s not even funny.

The guest judge this week is English designer, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa.

Jerrell wins — but still must compete next week to find a spot on Fashion Week’s final three…which pisses me off. If he’s won, he should be guaranteed a spot.

“This is the most youthful of all of them,” Nina says.

“It’s off but off in a way that intrigues me,” Michael says.

When the judges ask him who should accompany him to fashion week, he automatically says who shouldn’t — Kenley.

The 1950s look is so dated and done-to-death.

Kenley talks over Jerrell’s speech, defensive and arguing the whole time, angrily telling him that the judges didn’t want him to elaborate to the degree that he does.

Why the hell didn’t they boot Kenley off for this monstrosity?

“It doesn’t feel very organic,” Georgina says.

“It looks scaly — it looks like a reptile,” Nina tells Kenley. “It looks creepy.”

She goes on to tell Kenley that her model doesn’t look young, hip, or cool — at all.

Kenley, of course, goes on the defensive and says she wanted to step away from the cliche.

“I wrote cliche!” Michael tells her with a grimace.

“It is not cliche!” Kenley bleats shrilly.

“I have to say it doesn’t look very elegant,” Heidi tells her.

“I wasn’t going for elegance, Heidi,” Kenley replies, totally talking down to Heidi like she’s a two-year-old with no understanding of anything at all in the world.

That alone would have made me literally boot her off the stage.

When Nina calls her on her defensiveness and Heidi agrees on the annoying attitude, Kenley rolls her eyes — which Heidi also calls her out on.

“When you come off all flippant and smug, it kind of makes us kind of feel like, ‘Well, does she even give a damn?'” Michael asks, pointing out that she comes across as cocky.

Kenley bursts out sobbing, angry and hurt over the fact that the three other designers have all banded together and feel that she is not the one who should be going with them to Bryant Park.

I actually really love it when Korto actually calls her out and starts egging Kenley on.

Michael also made me laugh when he said that she’s so defensive that, if a buyer were to tell her that the dress didn’t work, she’d probably take a knife out and stab the buyer.

“She’s rude!” Michael declares.

Korto’s outfit:

Michael thinks the dress is made beautifully with a nice shape, but the dress doesn’t look sophisticated.

Both Heidi and Michael think it looks like something out of a beauty pageant — which worries Korto to the point that she starts tearing up and wiping away tears.

Nina thinks it looks overworked in an effort to impress the judges, going a little far away from her true self.

Leanne’s gown:

Georgina says she likes the balance between the structure and the soft look, but Nina is concerned by a few of the details — such as the bustle, which Michael also says is distracting.

All in all, Heidi likes the dress, though.

So…while Jerrell wins, all four will move on to create a collection for Fashion Week. Only three, however, will compete and that one will be eliminated the next time they return to New York.

That sucks shit.

~ by justj on October 4, 2008.

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