Project Runway Season 5 – Finale

I didn’t care who won season five — as long as it wasn’t Kenley.

To be honest? I didn’t really care for any of the designers on this season.

My fingers are crossed that the next season won’t be as much of a let down as this one was.

And so, we are at the finale of Project Runway Season 5 — Tim tells the three finalists that their last assignment is to present 10 looks at the runway show (which means that they’ll have to edit two outfits out) and that they need to do model casting.

“I kinda like that alien-ish look,” Leanne says, adding that she was a little annoyed with Kenley putting her two cents on who <i>Leanne</i> should cast.

When Tim comes back to take a look at the designs, Kenley is up first and despite some constructive criticism from Tim, she snaps in the same, childish, petulant manner that has become the hallmark to everything that Kenley says: “Tim doesn’t like the rope. I do, so I’m leaving it! My decisions are final and I’m done with it!”

Kenley’s stuff is ugly — it’s garish and tacky.

When Tim addresses the issue that the judges have called her on the fact that some of her stuff look like knock-offs from other designers, she fires complete attitude at him, telling him how it was “insulting” of the judges to even dare to suggest such a thing — and that she’s sick of it.

Way to go, Kenley — you seriously think you’re going to win with that sort of attitude?

I loved the look on Tim’s face as he walked away — the arched eyebrow and knowing look to the camera.

Korto, on the other hand, is listening to what the judges have told her before — that she tends to overthink things and overdesign…and so, she’s whipping up an entirely new outfit, taking to heart what Nina and Heidi have told her before.

Kenley opines that Leanne doesn’t know how to use colours and that it’s “boring” — and then we flash to one of Kenley’s design which is a mishmash of colour…and while not boring, looks ugly.

Leanne is spot on when she says it looks like a child has drawn on top of Kenley’s collection. The painted fabrics are hideous.

All of the designers are given a team of student designers to help out — but true to form, Kenley refuses to let anybody help her, preferring to do everything herself.

Kenley says she thinks she’s going to win the competition, which continues to boggle my mind.

I don’t understand why she’s so overconfident?


On The Runway
Heidi announces that Jennifer Lopez was supposed to be the guest judge, but due to a foot injury, was unable to make it. Tim Gunn, instead, will be filling in.

When Kenley hears this, her eyes widen and she admits that maybe she should have improved her attitude “a bit.”

In general, she needs a personality transplant. You’re not always going to get away with being a total bitch.

Heidi and Tim

Leanne and her model

The judges

I wasn’t particularly blown away by any of the collections. I thought most of them were just…bleh.

Announcing The Winner

The judges all felt that there were very clear points-of-view from the designers — but isn’t that the case for all of the finalists in all incarnations of this show?

Michael thought Kenley’s collection was full of charm, spirit, and personality.

Nina said the only problem she had was that one of the outfits looked like something from another designer — and again, Kenley finally admits that she needs to do some research, because it’s not enough to say she wasn’t aware…because the editors looking at her gowns will know.

For Korto, Nina thought the collection was effortlessly cohesive while Heidi says that some of the pieces still look “overworked” and that there were too many ideas in some of the pieces.

Korto tears up when asked why she should win and says that this last challenge showed her that she could do this.

Michael thought that, with the first look for Leanne’s collection, it was clear that she had a winner.

Nina liked how there was a huge variety of looks in Leanne’s collection with shorts, pants, skirts, and long dresses. But Nina was concerned that it was a bit of a “one-note look.”

Leanne was remarkably composed when she talked about her collection — which I admired.

In the end, Leanne is declared the winner.


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