Project Runway Canada Season Two – Claim To Fame

You know what I don’t get?

If you’re not happy with your model, then why the hell would you stick with her — but issue a warning that you’re doing it “only” for one more challenge? It doesn’t make any sense.

I was a little disappointed that nobody really switched it up when it came to choosing models — like in school, I think people should never get a choice over who they work with. That’s not how things work in the real world.

You don’t get to choose your co-workers and you don’t always get to choose your clients.

Case in point? The next challenge was to create a garment for actress Elisha Cuthbert of 24 fame.

I kinda took issue with the fact that Iman called her an “A-list celebrity.” I beg to differ. An A-list celebrity is Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, or Halle Berry.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I don’t like Elisha Cuthbert as an actress or anything…she’s just not playing in the big leagues. She’s just an actress who used to be on a really popular TV show, playing a really annoying character.

I had to laugh, though, when designer, Jessica, rattled off some of the things Cuthbert has been on, adding “Popular Mechanics For Kids”, which used to air on the Canadian public TV channel, TVO.

“Hello! Totally watched it!” she says.

Yeah, you and me both — I seriously thought that show was really educational.

Cuthbert tells the designers that she wants them to design an outfit for a glam night out on the town — that town being Hollywood, and not Toronto.

Cuthbert and mentor, Brian Bailey, show up at the mansion where the designers are staying so that the designers can get to know her better and get a sense of what her fashion style is.

What’s interesting is that Jeff says that the right celebrity wearing your outfit could launch a career — which made me think of Jason Wu and the white gown he designed for Michelle Obama and the inaugural ball.

Now that is the “right celebrity.” (Though, one might argue that she’s not so much a celebrity but an important person.)

With $150 and 45 minutes to shop, the designers are let loose. Brandon further cemented my opinion that he’s a bit of an airhead. He didn’t really seem to put much thought to what he was getting.

At the workroom, he tries several ideas out, draping the fashion dummy and then tossing aside the fabric. When he goes out for a smoke break, he comes back, announcing he knows what he’s going to do — except it’s exactly like what Margarita is doing.

There’s a minor confrontation that seemed bigger than what it really was (in the commercial). Brandon reassures Margarita that he’ll change his idea but then talks trash behind Margarita’s back, talking about how offended he is by her accusation.

Adejoke, who won the last challenge, has immunity and feels entitled to take more of a risk with a pink, floral print. It doesn’t look particularly glam to me.

Mentor Brian isn’t a fan, either, but he’s fabulous as always in his critiques. He advises designers to take important things into consideration — like how the fabric will fall when the client is sitting.

He tells Christie that the dress she’s building looks like a bad bridesmaid’s dress — which automatically brings on the waterworks…which I can’t stand. When Brian tells her not to take it personally, that he’s just giving her something to consider in the design of her dress, she runs out of the work room, sobbing, saying she should just go home.

(This is the part where you just want to scream at the TV and echo Tim Gunn’s motto: Make It Work!!!! Either that, or punch her right in the face.)

With 20 minutes to the runway show, the designers were rushing. The dress Brandon was doing was way too short — the model’s butt was literally hanging out. Meanwhile, Margarita’s fit for her dress was all wrong — it just looked really weird. Kim, on the other hand, very nearly didn’t have a dress ready to send out.

The only criticism I’d have of this episode is that there wasn’t enough glimpses into what all of the designers were working on. It was really a surprise to finally see what was coming down the runway.

Again, I really liked Sonny’s dress — it had this applique on the side that mimicked shattered ice.

One major surprise was Jason’s outfit, which he described as Jackie O/Audrey Hepburn-inspired. And you know what? It was really, really gorgeous and classy — it’s definitely something I would want in my wardrobe.

Adejoke’s outfit was hideous. The judges totally called her out on the fact that she was taking advantage of the fact that she had immunity. Iman was spot on when she said that Adejoke shouldn’t have taken a risk out on Elisha because she should have thought more about the client, not on simply taking a risk for risk’s sake.

Iman’s a harsh critic — but I like her. She tells it as it is and I know it’s really abrupt and curt the way she delivers her opinons (which is why I think she’d probably never have made a good diplomat, despite the fact that her father was actually an ambassador), but I think if you have a thick skin and the good sense to heed her critiques, then it’s useful.

I had to choke back laughter when Iman said of Margarita’s dress: “No more ho trends. No one wants to look like that anymore.”

If only more women would actually heed Iman’s advice. I just flash back to last summer when I was on my way to the Eaton Centre with a friend and we found ourselves waiting at an intersection behind a tall, skinny girl wearing really short shorts that practically showed her ass.

Memo to self: next time you see someone like that, you can actually say, “No more ho trends! Iman says so!”

I seriously thought that Sonny would win this challenge — I think he’s a front runner and could quite possibly make it all the way to the finale. Personally, I just preferred his outfit — but that being said, I also loved Jason’s outfit.

As he said, “It’s a high quality dress for a high quality girl.”

In the end, Margarita gets booted off the runway for her “ho look.”


~ by justj on February 5, 2009.

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