Project Runway Canada Season 2 – Colour Me Right

I think the theme song with Iman’s slow, deliberate way of speaking in the opening credits is just super cheesy for what’s otherwise a good show.

What amazes me, though, is when it finally dawns on Brandon that this is a — gasp! — competition. Being in the bottom two really sucked, he says in his Valley-girl speak, and he suddenly realizes that he can’t just waft about and have fun.

Seriously, I don’t get how some people don’t understand that you have to work to succeed. What do they think? That success just lands in your lap on a whim?


This is the first episode where the designers have to partner up and tag team to create an outfit to complement the colour story for L’Oreal’s 2009 line.

I have no idea why the designers are groaning — I mean, basically, you’re being handed a colour palate and then you’re really allowed to go crazy with your creativity.

One designer will do an evening look while the other designer does a day look on $250 in fabrics.

The winning team will be featured in a nation-wide campaign at Shopper’s Drug Mart — quite possibly the most overpriced pharmacy chain in Canada.

Flakey Christy chooses Jason — much to his displeasure, even though within seconds, she realizes that choosing someone who has immunity might not be the smartest thing in the world.

The two seem to be headed for trouble right off the bat. Christy even tattles on him, whining to Brian that Jason’s not allowing her to use her fabric of choice — that she’s got all the cheap stuff to work with while he gets yards and yards of fabric to work with.

Unlike Adejoke last week, who decided to just throw the ugliest creation possible down the runway, Jason actually seems to be trying for another win.

Brian is hard-pressed to find where the sophistication is coming in and it seems like Christy and Jason aren’t working as a team at all.

Brian abruptly tells them to sort it out when Christy agrees with Brian and says that she doesn’t like the concept either. Rightfully, this pisses off Jason — I mean, if you have an issue with the design, why not talk it out in a reasonable way with your partner isntead of hanging him out to dry in front of Brian?

When Christy melts down again, I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes.

Don’t fucking cry about it — if you don’t like what you’re working on, then find a way to make it work so that it is what you want and like.

She actually tells Jeff that Brian “made” her change her design — to which Jeff just stops her and says, “I don’t think he made you do anything. He probably suggested something.”

Right-o. He’s got a point…which Christy doesn’t seem to take in.

She just disgusts me — I have no respect for people who get stressed out so easily. It’s, like, calm your ass down!

She tells Brian that she’s having confidence issues and he calmly tells her to go to work on her top seeing as she’s stressing over the shorts.

Brian, as always, has this really calm manner to him.

Another team who doesn’t seem to be meshing properly is Jessica and Jeff, who doesn’t seem to get Jessica’s “homey” act.

I have to agree with him there — it’s like when girls from the ‘burbs try to act all gangsta with their long fake nails (which are gross and unhygenic), their garish colours and big faux gold hoopp earrings and giant sneakers…yeah, not classy. Like Jeff, I just want to shake my head and say, “What are you doing?”

With a bit of a time crunch, Jeff isn’t able to sew his entire garment together — so he resorts to using glue, getting it everywhere in the process.

When he says, “It was feral” as he shakes his head in self-disgust, I can’t help but think, “And this is where you know that Jess and Jeff aren’t going to win this challenge.”

On the other hand, Brandon picks wisely with Adejoke, who already picks up on the fact that he doesn’t seem to be much of a planner and probably needs a grounding source who’ll help guide him.

There’s even a smoke break “reward” system just so he keeps on top of things.

The strongest team — in my opinion — is Sunny and Baylor.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Sunny — his work is regal, elegant, classy and glamourous.

To be honest, I don’t remember much of what Baylor has sent down the runway, but Sunny notes that he picked Baylor because he’s a fast sewer.

There are two guest judges this week: Andy The-Anh, fashion designer, and Anik Gagnon, communications director for L’Oreal Paris.

You know what? I’m going to call it now: Sunny’s going to win this whole thing.

While Anik opined that his dress was a little “too sexy”, Iman laughed it off and said that it might be a little too sexy for the L’Oreal woman, but not for her.

Shawn also called it and said the other designers should watch out for Sunny — no kidding.

The dress that came down the runway was whimsical and gorgeous.

I was so glad when Sunny finally won. In my opinion, he designed the strongest outfits in all of the challenges so far.

Of course, because they worked as a team, Baylor was in the winning camp — and as Anik pointed out, the two outfits were very cohesive.

It’s no surprise that Christy was booted out — in spite of the fact that Jeff’s outfit had a lot of flaws.

~ by justj on February 12, 2009.

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