Project Runway Canada Season Two – Refashioning The Houses

I don’t like Genevieve — I thought it was a joke last week when she actually thought that her dress had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

It looked like an oversized, shapeless potato sack that was completely unflattering to the model.

She switches things up by choosing a different model because her model had dared to give her lip last week…though, when you see the clip, she’s not really talking back so much as moving too slowly.

When the designers childishly tell each other that they “hate” each other for forcing them to switch models because Genevieve’s decision to choose a different model forces more than a few of the other designers to also choose different models.

“Change is good,” Iman reminds them.

This week’s challenge involves working in teams of three to to send three cohesive looks down the runway using recycled material to refashion them into couture looks representative of the iconic design house that they’ve chosen.

Sonny, Genevieve and Adejoke choose Versace at Sonny’s insistence while Kim, Brandon and Baylor choose Yves St. Laurent, even though Brandon startles his team mates by stating he doesn’t even know who YSL is.

Is this guy joking?

“I do know a lot of designers,” he claims in his usual spastic, Valley-girl airhead voice, “unfortunately, I didn’t know Yves St. Laurent.”

You wind up cutting to Jason who’s bewildered and exclaims, “Who doesn’t know Yves St. Laurent?! We’re fashion designers! It’s crazy!”

Jeff, Jessica and Jason choose Valentino and opt for a lot of red fabrics.

Jessica totally surprises me when she starts having a meltdown over her garment because it’s not looking the way that she wants it to.

Out of all the designers, I wouldn’t peg her for the meltdown type — in spite of the front that she puts up, I think that, based on the last couple of designs that she did, she has the potential to become a really strong designer.

Her teammate, Jeff, tries to reassure her and patiently listens to her and tries to calm her down.

Brian, in his usual calm manner, gives her some encouragement and makes her seemingly insurmountable problems with her garment a little more manageable.

When Jeff starts draping his fabric around his dummy, Genevieve casts withering, disdainful looks at his garment.

Jeff confides that he gets a bad vibe from Genevieve and I can’t help but think, “You and me both, buddy.”

Genevieve reminds me of the sort of overconfident person who thinks way too highly of herself — with no real justification as to why she should think so highly of herself. She’s super disdainful and comes off as arrogant and crusty.

People like Genvieve just rub me the wrong way — mostly because she lacks the sort of diplomatic skills to be classy.

But enough about Genvieve…

Her teammate, Sonny, is working away and while he starts taking apart one of the old garments, he finds a stain in the crotch area — which grosses everybody out. Hell, it grosses <I>me</i> out and I’m not even anywhere near the garment.

He disappoints me when he starts talking to his teammate, Adejoke, about Jeff — seemingly within earshot.

The two opine that Jeff’s design is too old-fashioned and that, at his age, maybe this is why his stuff looks the way it does.

“Some people are meant to work for other people,” Adejoke says.

Oh man — if you’re going to trash talk somebody, at least make sure there’s no chance in hell that they’re going to <i>overhear</i> you…’cause it’s just tacky if you don’t.

Brian treats the designers to a surprise visit from Iman who, of course, knows everything about couture because she’s worked for most of the top designers in the world.

She provides some tips — but, you know what? They sounded like really generic things that every good design student should know about.

Canada’s own iconic fashion designer, Wayne Clarke, is sitting on the panel this week.

Jessica cracked me up when she obsessively stared at the judges when her model was going down the runway.

“I think Shawn threw up a little in his mouth and then had to swallow it,” she said.

Surprisingly, Jessica’s team was deemed safe.

It’s no surprise, however, that Sunny is on the winning team — the judges all love his outfit.

He’s awarded the win.

“Designers, you have someone to chase,” Iman tells the others.

When Brandon admits upfront that he doesn’t know anything about YSL, you can tell all of the judges are horrified and slightly disgusted by his ignorance.

“If you don’t know much about YSL, how can you be a fashion designer?” Rita Silvan asks him.

“You’ve desecrated Yves St. Laurent,” Iman tells him.

Kim’s outfit is also slaughtered on stage by the judges. They’re adamant that there’s nothing YSL about her outfit and that she didn’t follow the challenge by creating a childish outfit that was more ready-to-wear than couture.

Despite the fact that she didn’t follow the challenge’s rules or the design house’s esthetic, Brandon is the one turfed out — probably because of his brazen acknowledgment of his ignorance.

“Study and learn the masters,” Iman tells him as he leaves. “Promise!”

~ by justj on February 19, 2009.

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